When your happy and you know it....

  • :: Claps Hands :: *

It is a marvelous day. Sun is shining, birds are singing and I’m at work surfing the SDMB.

Today is grand :slight_smile:

Show off. :smiley:

What the hell… It was a pretty good day.



!! CLAP !! !! CLAP !!

::clap:: ::clap::

My Biopsy came back negative this morning.

“YAY” for the happy people :smiley:

Sorry BuckleberryFerry - maybe some of the joy will rub off to you.

  • :: does happy clappy dance through thread :: *

Damn…now I have that insipid song stuck in my head! Thanks a lot, leechbabe!

Q.E.D. I can offer you New Kids On The Block - “The Right Stuff” as a replacement stuck in head song if you would like it :slight_smile:

Still happy :smiley:

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New Kids?? What did I ever do to you?? Huh?? :eek:

I’m pretty happy today too. Not for any specific reason, but I don’t have class, and my paper is moving right along on schedule to be finished by noon so I can go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I do wish I hadn’t dreamed about tarantulas in my bed all night though

If you’re happy and you know it, say a swear

“Poo!” “Hieny!”

I was happy until I started thinking about New Kids on the Block.

No, I won’t let them ruin my day - I’ll have a swear to confirm:


Cheers leechbabe, wish I was in sunny Straya.

pingalondon we paid for the lovely sunny weather yesterday with more bushfires overnight :frowning:

I’m still happy though, with Buffy and Angel making their season return this week who wouldn’t be :slight_smile:

Sorry to all who experienced NKOTB nightmares (or anything involving spiders (shudder)).

Q.E.D. what can I do to atone for the pain inflicted on you? Perhaps a nice chocolate mud cake thrown your way would assist?

                        • O ***** splat ***** *

ooops missed :smiley:

Mmmmm…mud! My favorite! :smiley: