whence "cool beans"

anyone know the origin of the expression “cool beans?”

The first time I heard it, well, read it, in David Lapham’s Stray Bullets.

My daughter got me saying it… I have no idea where she got it.

Wow, I thought that saying had gone out of vogue years ago. I always liked the sound of it, though.

I never heard this phrase until a few years ago from a couple of friends who are both from Iowa.

I first heard it about 1995 from some little kids that lived a few doors down. No one in my peer group ever said it though so my exposure has been minimal… no idea where it’s from.

We did this over at Dave Wilton’s Etymology site in the last few months. Unfortunately, things get erased. And I didn’t follow the thread to get a definitive answer as to whether anyone coould pin origin down.http://www.wordorigins.org/home.htm