Whenever I see / hear ______________ I feel compelled to __________________

With a title like that, it could get pretty raunchy up in here (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I’m thinking more along the lines of words that elicit a specific response.
For instance:

I have a foot rest thingy under my desk and it has the name “Fellowes” printed on it. Every day, when I first pull my chair out to sit down, I look at it and sing (in my mind, because I’m at work) the song from the SNL Tracy Morgan skit. “Brian Fellows , Brian Fellows” and then picture TM saying “I’m Brian Fellows”.

Another one from work is a lot of the young men around here wear the slim cut trousers that are in fashion these days. It’s all I can do not to sing out loud “Everybody’s talking 'bout my tight pants, about my tight pants, I got my tight pants on” and do the accompanying dance (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, look up Will Farrell or Jimmy Fallon and “Tight Pants”).

One that I don’t have occasion to do anymore because I changed jobs is, whenever I’d cross over Hercules Street on my way to work I’d have to clap my hands and say “Hercules! Herculeeees!” a la Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. To be fair, that particular job was making *me *quite nutty and that was about the only joy I got each day.

Finally, when anyone says “in London”- and they do so quite often here because we have a lot associates in the UK- I feel compelled to say “in London!!!” Joey Tribiani style.

So, what words bring out the goofball in you?

Whenever I see IMHO, I start singing “In my simple humble neighborhood (neighborhood), on my simple humble street”.

There are like a bazillion more – I will have to report back after I run into them. :slight_smile:

There’s a local-public-radio-station employee who does their version of commercials in a very Valley-Girl voice. So, whenever I hear her voice, I feel compelled to say: She’s annoying.

Whenever we were driving around LA and saw a sign for Eagle Rock, I’d have to clap twice. (Fraggle Rock theme song)

And if someone says “New York City,” I find it hard to resist repeating “New York CITY!” like the Pace picante commercials.

I lead a sad life.

I do the NYC thing too. It’s almost involuntary.

Oh, and mention of Knoxville brings to mind “Knoxville! Knoxville! Knoxville!” from when Bart and his friends were deciding where to run off to. (“So, it’s a choice between Disney World and Knoxville…”)

When someone say the word “phenomenon” I have to sing “Doot do-doot-doodle-do” as per the MannahMannah song.

As a child, my family (including grandparents) played a game where you had to sing “Aaaaaaaah” all the way through a tunnel. If you had to take a breath, you lost. As an adult with no kids, I’ve stopped playing the game, but I still instinctively get ready to start every time I see a tunnel.

Whenever I hear Alabama, I’m compelled to say one of two things. I either go the My Cousin Vinny route:

“You’re in Ala fuckin’ bama. You killed a good ol’ boy.”

Or the Forrest Gump route:

Lt. Dan: So where you boys from?
Forrest Gump and Bubba: ALABAMA, SIR!
Lt. Dan: Are you two twins?
FG: No, Sir, we are not relations.

Everytime the dogs are playing and one of them smashes into something I go into Marvin Martian mode. “Where’s the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom!”

I hear, “You sound like your from London.” by Paul Rudd from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


Me too!

Whenever I get out the maple syrup for pancakes with my kids, I feel compelled to say:

Roses are Red
Violets are Purple
Sugar is Sweet
And so’s Maple Surple.

They used to laugh when I said that. Then they stopped laughing but smiled. Then they rolled their eyes. Now they yell at me to shut up.

Whenever I hear the beginning of the radio ad for 1-877-Kars-for-Kids, I must yell loudly and cover my ears until I can get to change the channel.

I walked into the house today singing that jingle and my 15 year old son begged me to stop.

I sadly have been brainwashed by the marketing folks of Pace and do the New York CITY?! thing too.

Also, everytime I hear a overbearing radio station identification, I instinctively have to repeat “97 X BAM! The Future of Rock and Roll” until my wife yells at me.

…hear a **Drive-By Trucker **song…turn it up real fuckin’ loud!

I just discovered another one I had. In this thread:

someone mentioned “karma” and my mind immediatley went to “karma karma karma karma karma chameleon”. I actually like that about me. I’m awesome.

I work with a woman named Karma and it is ALL I can do not to call her Karma Chameleon.

Ahhhhhh! You are all bringing me such joy! Which is why I precisely why I started this thread, because I knew you would all crack me up, and is exactly what I so sorely need at the moment. Carry on…

Also, whenever I have to use a hammer, I always have to sing " . . . if I had a hammer . . . ". Usually I’m alone (which actually isn’t much better) but for a time I was helping my then boyfriend on his construction sites. Believe it or not, it caught on:)

When I hear the word Karma I go to the Simpsons…

Ned: Don’t talk to me about that Karma Baloney
Homer: MMMM Caramel Balogna

Other ones I do to amuse myself and hopefully my friends (But probably not)

If I say I have a favor and can get them to say “What do you need” I respond with [Col Troutman]A Good Supply Of Body Bags[/Col Troutman] Once I get a blank stare or a “Huh?” I say [Uncle Owen]sorry…What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators[/Uncle Owen]

Any time I hear someone give an explanation for something: [Axel Foley]You were lying your ass off[/Axel]

Any time we drive by a motorhome [Uncle Eddie]That thar is an Are Vee[/Uncle]

Any time my niece asks for cereal [Pee Wee]Mr T Cereal? OK![/PW]

yes, I’m exhausting to be around