Sometimes I have a overwhelming desire to.......

…moo as I’m coming off of the light rail with all of the other shuffling hurrying commuters!

I swear! If that isn’t a MoooOOOOOOooooo moment, I don’t know what is.

What, of life’s little sillinesses (not a real word), strikes your fancy?

When ever I see a short bald man, I want to slap his head like Benny Hill.

When I get on the DC Metro and it is filling up, I always sit with the person who is sitting on the outside, trying to preserve two seats for his/herself. It is a compulsion.

When I shuffle about in a queue, I tend to think of this song, and want to sing it.

So you know Dante?

Lately, when the Farmers Insurance commercial comes on either the TV or radio, I am compelled to sing along with the tagline.

“We are Farmers, bum badum bum bum bum bum!”

A mooooooment?

When we go to some hot springs in the mountains, people have a tendency to wade in and out of the pool like they’re slow zombies (the steam rising from the water helps with the effect). When Jim and I wade in and out, we tend to hold our arms up and say, “Brainnnnnnssssssssss…” as we go. I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but it amuses us. :slight_smile:

My Mother had a thing she’d do in the car; when going over a bump or something similar she’d say “Wheeeeeee!”.

So of course, I do it too. And when my kids were little, and I’d be driving them somewhere, we’d all say it at the same time: “Wheeeee!”.

So here I was, riding with my 20-something son the other day, and he goes over a bump and he says - “Wheeeee!”.


When I see a farm truck carrying loads of cut and dried clover, alfalfa or the like, I have an overwhelming desire to pull up alongside and yell “Hey!” :smiley:

Sometimes while selecting produce at the grocery store, I’ll pick up a particular orange or tomato (but almost always an orange) that is just so right, so perfect, so uniquely made…

…To be hurled across the store like I’m an outfielder trying for home plate.

It’s almost overwhelming. I’ve held back (so far), but I can’t promise that at some point in the future, someone in the soup aisle will wonder where the hell this orange just came from.

Am I the only one?

Nope, I chuck stuff at my daughter in the supermarket, loo rolls etc. Pretend I’m aiming for the trolly, but actually trying to get her in the head. We don’t shop together much. :smiley:

Hmmm, let’s hope that we’re never in the same supermarket at the same time. It could get a little out of control.


I occasionally pass pastured sheep on the way to work.
I invariably call out, “SHEEEEEPS! HI SHEEEEEPS!!”.
In my head, of course. Sometimes.
Carryover from driving from Chicago out west when we were kids, and did indeed moo at every cow we passed.

I have no idea how we made it alive. My folks could have EASILY ditched us anywhere along the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

My mom had a thing she’d do in the car, too, that I think my grandma started. When we’re driving under a bridge that has a train going across it, we put a finger to the roof of the car to hold up the roof. We know that nothing will happen if we don’t do it, but it’s our weird little tradition. I still do it even if I’m the only one in the car.

Years ago and I mean lots of years ago, a friend of my sister’s convinced me that if I held a button whenever I passed a cemetery I’d have good luck. I did it for years, to the utter bafflement of everyone who saw me do it. Now that I’m very old and my day to day garb is blue jeans and a tee shirt, I still feel a compulsion to hold a button when I pass a cemetery. I catch myself trying to find a button to hold and it worries me when I can’t.

I flung some bananas at Safeway once - I was trying to pull some off the bunch, and they were on tighter than I expected; I gave them a good yank, and they went flying about 15 feet. My husband found it terribly entertaining (and it was one of the extremely few times he’s seen me blush). :slight_smile:

See, I always felt more like a sheep when in a crowd. That’s why I’d go “baaahhhh” whilst wandering around the store. Really annoyed my mother.

One of my brothers had his own little store game. He’d pick random stuff off the shelves and chuck them over his shoulder at brother number two thus forcing number two to make a sudden dive and catch the falling object. This went on for a while. Until the ketchup incident anyway.

Whenever I drive over one of those cables across the road that count the number of cars passing by I always get this terrific urge to back up and run over the thing about eleventy times. I actually did it once. So satisfying.

Thank you, I’d forgotten about that one. I guess I’m lucky though, most people here seem to be pretty polite with the whole thing. I’ve never seen very much out and out obvious stupidity.

The worst is the few times you get someone who doesn’t understand about using an “inside” voice. And the occasional smelly vagrant type.

I just get tickled at the mass exodus at the end of the day. I’m at the second to last station, so during the morning commute, for some reason it’s a pretty light attendance. It’s the after work commute that is crowded as all get out.

Some family heirlooms really are priceless.