Sometimes I have a overwhelming desire to.......

I have to be careful after playing a lot of videogames. Especially after playing Katamari games, I have the intense urge to run things over with my car. I see orange cones on the side of the road and think “I could totally roll them up”

Whenever I pass sheep on a road trip, I yell – out loud – “Sheepies!!” Bovines in a field will be greeted with “moooooo cows!” These are holdovers from my misspent youth.

Did I mention that I usually take road trips alone? :smiley:

I would like to suck my thumb.

Whenever my wife and I are driving in the country and see a young cow we say “Minnie Moo’s, Minnie Moo’s”


When I pull up to someplace, for the last time. Like back to the office for the weekend after being out in the field all day, or home after running around shopping the whole day. I often don’t resist singing out this silliness! (It’s from an old radio show, album from Wild Bill Hiccup). My mom said this all of the time when we were kids, and we’d just be getting back from someplace. So of course I tortured my kids with it, and many coworkers as well. (they must have gotten at least a chuckle, because I never ended up in a white coat) :smiley:

Well, here we are, it’s the end of the ride
Pete and his gang are waitin’ inside
Now here’s my plan, be as quiet as a mouse
I’ll sneak in, and you surround the house

Here’s your gun
I don’t need a gun
I’m gonna throw that gang out, one by one
I hope you know what you’re talking about
You just count 'em as I throw 'em out


PETE: Stop counting, that’s me!

I have done this. Well actually it was BAA-A-A-A-A-A, as we always seemed like a flock of sheep.

Whenever I see drywall, I want to throw pointy objects at it to see if they stick.

When I was teaching middle school kids, one corner of the room had 10+ pencils stuck in the ceiling in almost a perfect circle, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

… drive through a cornfield. I don’t know why as I know I’ll likely get stuck and/or ruin my car, but every time I drive by a cornfield I want to pull into it and imagine I’ll make a track of flattened corn like in the cartoons.

If I knew what sound rats made in mazes … I’d do that.

But I’m more likely to baa in that situation … herd of sheep up out of the train, up to our offices … blurgh!

When I’m a passenger in a car, I tend to say, “yellooooow” softly, when we approach a light. Usually this ends up with me calling it right a few times to force the driver to say, “STOP MAKING IT CHANGE TO YELLOW!!!”

And I do the “Moooo” moment whenever I leave a stadium in a crowd.

Whenever a cell phones goes off with a little tune in public, I always want to do a little dance. Sometimes I do.

Every time I hear the Wilhelm Scream, I invariably say “Wilhelm Scream.”. I can’t not do it!

Whenever I travel on Hwy 80 between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, every time I pass the exit for Loomis, I have to say (quietly if there are others in the car) “Miss…Miss…I need the loo, Miss”. For those of you that are (or know), Brits, the loo is, of course, the toilet, and I guess this is what I used to say in class in elementary school…

When I lived in New York, I also had the urge to moo when I was getting on and off the subway. If I was with my wife, I’d do it softly enough that (hopefully) only she could hear it.

There used to be a restaurant in St. Louis called Balaban’s. They had a fiberglass guy out front with his hand out (see the picture at the top of this page). A friend of mine had the habit of giving the Balaban Man a coin every time he passed by. I’m not sure why. It just seemed like the thing to do. The friend moved out of the area, but I continued tipping the Balaban Man every time I passed him, until the restaurant closed down.

(I think they re-opened in the suburbs, but I don’t know if the Balaban Man followed them.)

When I spot a car with one headlight, I always say pididdle. ALWAYS. even if I’m in the middle of a conversation… “Oh, how in-piddidle-teresting…”

When I was a kid, and we were driving over a bridge, I would say “briiiiiiiiidge” for as long as the bridge lasted. Sometimes I still think it. What finally cured me of saying it out loud was when we went south on holiday and drove over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. :slight_smile:

I once made the “mooo!” call while in line to leave an event at the Summer Olympics in Sydney. To my delight, the obviously international crowd (lots of different flags being carried or worn), many of whom probably could not have even spoken with one another, took up the refrain and the “moos” travelled up and down the line for several minutes.

I just spent a week driving through Death Valley and the roads are very roller coastery, usually preceeded by signs that say “Dip” We spent the entire week yelling Wheeeeee! as we went over them. During a really intense section my friend actually threw his hands over his head :smiley:

Whenever we go under a bridge or through a tunnel my son would say “Weeeee” so we took it up.

Whenever I pass the animals on a farm I’ll wave. The kind of wave where the fingers wiggle up and down in a sine wave.

My wife will kiss her fingers and touch the ceiling in the car if she drives through an intersection and the light changes from yellow to red.