I Have This Uncontrollable Urge

Ok…they are once again closing down the schools and workplaces here in the south due to sleet and snow. I know, I know so it’s only three inches of the white stuff and most of you are used to three feet.
I have this UNCONTROLLABLE URGE to go to the grocery store. I have absolutely no reason to stop at the store. I have everything in my home I need. I know that everyone and their brother is heading right for that store as soon as they are released from work. Is this a southern thing or what???

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Ignore the urge and go home instead! Do you really want to stick around with people who can’t drive in that kind of weather?

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Snow in this part of the country does make people make cuckoo, since it’s so uncommon.

Most Southerners see snow about as often as they see good sets of teeth.

fuzzy, you already told us in another thread how well stocked your pantry is. go home & make some thick veggie soup. have some hot chocolate while it’s cooking. open the drapes to watch the snow & just hunker down.

I know what you mean, Fuzzy. I go grocery shopping every Saturday around noonish. We were expecting a dusting of snow on Sunday (never got it) and on Saturday the whole store was packed with panicked people buying all the bread and milk they could cram in their carts, like nuclear war was coming!

(hope this isn’t a double posting, but i don’t see what i just wrote.)

fuzzy, you already told us in another thread how well stocked your pantry is. go home & make some thick veggie soup. while it’s cooking, have some hot chocolate, open the drapes to watch the snow, & hunker down.

(doesnt make fun, but has a silent chuckle to herself about all you weird not used to snow people) :slight_smile:

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well, then make 2 pots of soup!

Stay away from the grocery store. As long as you have a two-day supply of food at home you’ll be OK. Get your butt to the video store though, in case your cable goes out. Take it from someone who knows.

Strainger, who used to live down South and laugh condescendingly at people who were shown on the news standing in long lines at the grocery store, in order to prepare for the big “blizzard” coming through.

Sue, I have got to share a chuckle with you on this!!!
Personally, I learned to drive in winter and it takes a whole wack of snow to keep me at home!!

but as far as people in general go, I have definately noticed a busy trend whan there is a storm coming. On the day before a storm people flock to my work and eat like there is going to be no tomorrow! and you can’t imagine how many people go out in the middle of a storm to get their ‘Tim Hortons’ coffee!!

It’s not MY driving I’m worried about. When you’re driving in a town that doesn’t get a lot of cold weather some people don’t seem to realize that you have to drive differently on snow, rain, ice, etc. covered streets. I was backing out of my driveway (Atlanta suburbia) and sliding. No big deal, I’ll just slow down and watch what I’m doing. There were two power lines across the street on two different ways to leave my neighborhood. I GOT PASSED BY ANOTHER CAR!!! and I wasn’t going slow… he must have been going 50 mph in a residential neighborhood. That’s the problem around here.


It’s true southern people don’t know from snow. I know a guy who grew up near Boston. He moved to the Memphis area, and attended a town meeting where they were debating whether to allocate funds to buy a snow plow. Just ONE snowplow.

He stood up, introduced himself and told them, “don’t waste your money. If you have enough snow to warrant plowing, one plow isn’t going to get it done.”

Fuzzy, ignore the hype and hysteria. There was a lot of good advice posted for you. Take it.

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