Sometimes I have a overwhelming desire to.......

I understand your impulse. Also when we were trapped inside the house for two days because of the snow and ice this January, all I did was play Red Dead Redemption. (My boyfriend discovered Minecraft.) I opened the door to let the dog go outside and saw a bird startle up into the air and my first reaction was to think “Shoot it! Shoot it!” Luckily, I was unarmed.

Congratulations! That makes you the coolest person on the internet for the day.

When I’m in public and a cellphone goes off with a song as the ringtone, I wait until the person answers it, and then in the most affronted tones I can manage, I say: “HEY, I was listening to that!”

I have mooed many a time when trying to cram into the Metro after the F1 race in Montreal. I have also done the back-up “beep” when riding in the back of a pickup or flatbed truck when, of course, we start backing up. Usually several of us start doing it at once.

But the favorite urge I get is one I’ve never actually done, but have seen done. When going in the opposite direction (at speed), roll down the window and wave vigorously and smile at the crowd of cars sitting still, bumper-to-bumper, as they attempt to make the morning commute to the office.

When waiting at a redlight, my father in law used to say, “Red light green light orange and yellow, change right now for this good looking fellow.” Now my husband and daughter do this when we are bored waiting for the light to change.

Take a bald man. He doesn’t have to be short, just sitting down. I frequently have the thought to stand behind him, slowly palm the air just surrounding his chrome-dome, and chant “I seee alll in the crystal ballll…”

But that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re not the only one.

I drive about an hour and a half to/from work each day, mostly along agricultural farmland.

I passed sheeps today.

I 'sheeep!'d at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I do this when alone, lol.
Which is about 10 times a week. :smiley:

That reminds me, when I was a kid I used to hold my breath through tunnels. No reason, just because. That got cured when I went through the Eisenhower Tunnel the first time.

My sisters and I use to do this as well, (still do some times.) It started because one tunnel we went through on a regular basis ran under the river… We just had to hold our breath underwater…

Be prepared for unpleasantness. I’ll never forget the time I had the good sense, during winter, to take the bus to and from work. There I was, safe and snug on the bus, crawling along the parkway in a dark raging snowstorm. I looked down at the car alongside us, one guy grimly gripping his steering wheel as we inched down the road, feeling very happy and smug that it wasn’t ME driving in that mess. Caught his eye, smiled, gave him a thumbs up. And that rude pig gave me a one-digit salute in return!

Oh yeah - try living in San Francisco - it is full of whee!

My hubby and I share one compulsion: Whenever someone says the word “ladle” we HAVE to immediately say under our breath, “ladleladleladle”. We think it comes from a movie but have forgotten the origin.

Whenever I hear a story on the radio about the World Health Organization, I imagine that they’re speaking to me and I say “the WHO?”. Out loud. Preferably alone.

I often have this reaction when I hear a reference to the band with the same name, though it seems especially lame then since I KNOW it completely misses the joke. Luckily I rarely listen to music on the radio.

The “who?” joke also kind of works with reference to Chinese president Hu Jintao, especially since Hu is the surname…so it’s “President who??” “Yep, that’s what I said.”

I did this tonight on the way home, and the light started changing…Yay!!! :smiley:
Well, I pointed at my guy. I don’t make much of a fellow. :stuck_out_tongue:

A while back I was playing Hitman: Blood Money rather compulsively for a while. Then, a bit later, I found myself in a public restroom with just one other person in it, and I caught myself automatically looking around for somewhere to hide his body. :smack:

Years ago, I was driving with a group of friends past a huge herd of sheep and lambs. One of my friends leaned out the car window shouting, “MINT SAUCE! MINT SAUCE!” :smiley:

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel
I made you out of clay…(etc.)

Jews, they are so lame…


I inherited one of these from my mother. Every time I’m driving and I pass a sign that says “DIP” I say “dipdipdipdipdipdipdip…” until I hit the actual dip, and then I stop.

I made up this one on my own. I once saw a video of an acapella group singing “Stand By Me” to a crew at a Jack in the Box while they were waiting for their order. So, now every time I’m alone in front of a food stand at the mall and I’m waiting for an order I sing “Stand by Me.”

That sounds like an excellent slogan for the tourist board. :slight_smile: