Did you ever want to just scream?

Not for any specific reason; just to stand up out of the blue and start screaming and screaming, and maybe throw a few things, and then scream some more, until you faint from the exertion?

I once had to fight a strong urge to ram a grocery cart through a pyramid of baked beans and shriek, “WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THE CART WITH THE SQUEAKY WHEEL?!? AAAAARRRRGGHHHH!”

It’s been a long night at work and I would like to climb up onto my console and scream. I would like to key up on every radio frequency available to me and scream until my throat breaks. I won’t, because I’ve tried unemployment and while it was fun for a while that whole no paycheck thing got kind of stressful, but still I’m toying with the idea.

Anybody else ever get like this?

I’ve given in to the urge, but it didn’t help. It made me want to go on forever. Then I had a sore throat for a week. Maybe you could type a lot of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs?

I’ve had that urge. Never given into it though. Maybe I should. It may help.

By the way, I hope you get to feeling better, Marlitharn.


You know, that does seem to help a little. Maybe the mods could make a sticky for screams?


Yes, definitely been there. Usually only give in to the impulse when I’m in my car with the windows up. Helps a bit. Using a rubber mallet to pound jeans into the concrete was better, though. Probably because of the exertion/release of tension. Felt very calm after. The new jeans were softer, too.

During a particularly bad patch a few years ago, what I used to do was scream while driving my car down the highway at 55 MPH. No one could hear me and I screamed until I was done screaming. It really was quite cathartic, though after doing this a few times, I strained my vocal chords so badly that I was hoarse for about a month. It really beat the alternative, which was driving my car off a mountain or something. Definitely go for the screaming if you feel that bad.

Hang in there, man. This scream-inducing time will pass.

Gah. A thread for me.
I am alternating wanting to cry (really sob) and scream.

I took Christmas down a week early(usually wait unitl new year) because I can’t stand the sight of it. I snapped my husband’s head off (not that he didn’t deserve it, but his nagging at me is not why I feel the need to scream and scream and scream).

Might go for walk-although that didnt’ help much last noc.

I’m almost afraid to start screaming–what if I am as invisible screaming as I am every day?

Meh. not so much for me there.

I’ve certainly felt like this. <hugs>

I needed that.