Weird urges you get (non-sexual)

What weird/odd do you regularly have? (non-sexual please)

Mine is that whenever I see a cop with a pistol in his belt holster I want to grab it and take off running. I have no idea why, but it’s pretty strong and happens all the time.

Nor really weird I suppose, but I regularly get the urge to walk away from my desk at work and never come back.


When little kids are walking by me, staring in slack-jawed wonder, I want to scare them by suddenly leaping up and shouting “BOO!”. I guess it’s because the stares never cease but I know it’s nothing but honest curiousity. So I get these urges that I never act on. :smiley:

Sometimes when I am coming home from work each day and crossing a bridge over the Ohio River, I have an urge to stop the car in the middle of the bridge, shut off the engine, put the keys in my pocket, lock the car, and jump Billie Joe-style from the bridge. For some reason, it is important that my locked car be fouling up rush hour traffic.

Ah, the old imp of the perverse. When I was younger and a regular churchgoer, he’d try to get me to do something distracting in the middle of mass like knock over the paten or run up and blow out the candles.

Dude, isn’t that called “suicidal ideation”? :eek:

In traffic today the woman in the car next to me checked her face in the rear view mirror. I resisted the urge to yell “You’re beautiful!” If it’s someone I know I don’t resist.

Well, if we have to slap a label on everything, yes.

Aww, you might make someone’s day. You should do it.

Me or Scumpup? :smiley: I do do it, but people in cars in traffic at 7:45 am can be unpredictable.

Randomly smite people.

Throw an old tube TV out of a highrise window.

Do the library scream thing from Real Genius in a real library.

When things are really quiet at work I sometimes have an urge to let out a bloodcurdling scream just to watch everyone jump and freak out… but so far I have resisted the impulse.

Haha - you never know who’s going to Billy Joe themselves.

Quite a few times in my life when I have approached the top of a long drop, I have had the urge to throw myself out into space. I probably have had this impulse for a long time.

I imagine it might have surfaced along with my desire to be Batman when I was but a lad. Yes, you and I know that Batman can’t actually fly, but he always seemed to be able to fall a long way without being harmed. I figured it must be the cape. So, I donned my hat with flaps and pinned a towel around my neck. I climbed up the wooden fence and onto the roof over the carport. From there along the ridges to the very highest peak of the house. Stood there and leaped out to fall about 25 feet. Didn’t die because my leap outward was interrupted by impact with the tall pine that grew right next to the house. I don’t remember now whether that was a conscious decision or not. Slid down with minor damage to my jacket. Did not try this again. I think even then I knew I had gotten lucky.

But even now, when I stop the car along the Foothills Parkway I still feel the pull.
I get out and just stare out into the air to see the mountains and hear the wind blowing.
I don’t really want to fall; Instead I wish I could just fly.

Whenever I see someone throw some trash out of a car window, I have to seriously fight the urge to stop, pick it up, chase them down, honk and flash my lights like there is an emergency to get them to stop, go up to the window and say “You dropped something” and give it back to them. Littering drives me crazy.

When I walk past a metal fence (cast iron is the best) I often will take my keys and drag them along the bars to create a jangly noise. I dunno why. I just like to.

As a young kid in church I sometimes sat up in the balconey with a friend. I wanted to leap off the bannister, grab the chandelier and swing like a monkey.

I am not a violent person at all, but whenever a particularly selfish person commits one of my pet peeves, sometimes something as harmless as crowding the doorway, I want to repeatedly smash their head into the wall.

I don’t think I would gain any satisfaction if I went through with it, so I can’t see why I have those kind of frightening thoughts. It’s no wonder human history is overflowing with violence.

Every now and then I get the urge to take up a new craft. Never mind that I could probably knit or crochet or cross stitch or whatever with the supplies I already have. Nope, I want to start doing glasswork, or leatherwork. Or buy a rock tumbler (related to the jewelry thing). ANYTHING, really, as long as it involves buying expensive supplies.

Right now, I’m just trying to use up the supplies I’ve got, and switching back and forth among them. Because really, I HAVE enough to keep me busy.