When's David Blaine getting out?

Haven’t been on in a bit, so I’m not sure if all things Blaine have been covered, but doesn anyone know exactly what time (in London) he is getting out? Anyone going? I might be in the neighbourhood, though I’m sure it will be crowded.

What I want to know is why Londoners are so angry he’s up there? There’s been attempts to cut off his water supply and they’ve been taunting him by cooking burgers in his sight line. What’s the deal?


With the guarded zone beneath Blaine looking ever more like a shrine, covered in banners and “offerings” of flowers and teddy bears, the magician has become a puzzling symbol to the chattering classes.

For some Blaine represents American hegemony riding over the world, while one columnist saw him symbolising celebrities floating above the masses but suffering their own isolation. The mystic overtones of a suffering, bearded and often bare-chested man waving wanly to onlookers gazing up at him have also struck chords.

Critics say Blaine’s voluntary fast insults the world’s hungry and the memory of dead Northern Irish hunger-strikers.

“Whether we love him or loathe him, David Blaine is proving that one of the easiest tricks in the world is to get under the skin of the British,” wrote the Observer newspaper. “Having an American over-confident, over-hyped and overhead is more, apparently than many of us can bear.”

Brits seem to think Blaine is worshipped like a god back home, when he’s really not that popular. I’ve heard a lot of “Ha ha! We won’t be suckered into that!”-type talk (right in between discussing Becks’ new haircut and Jordan’s latest surgery).
Obviously, though, Blaine has brought this all upon himself (the golf balls, the cookouts, the mass moonings). If he really wanted to have a spiritual journey and/or break a record, he could have done it sealed in his living room- but then who would have believed him?
The shrines are hilarious. I just had to yell “He’s not dead, he’s in a plastic box! Out of his own volition!”

Maybe I’m retarded, but did that article have the exact time he’s getting out?

No, but this one might: www.wakedavid.co.uk .

Blaine should have emerged today at 9.30am UK time.

You mean, of course, pm.
Here’s what’ll happen. See if I’m right:

Box descends. Blaine falls out. Lots of consernation and concerned medics rushing about. Blaine sits up and manages a few feeble words to the waiting fans before being packed into an ambulance and rushed off.

Various spokesperson appear ashen faced and voice their deep, deep concern for his health.

Watching world asks itself “and what has been achieved or proven here is…???” before switching over when the adverts come on.

He’s coming out tonight, in a media frenzy led by Murdoch’s Sky One channel. What a pointless waste of his life, our police service efforts and media hours.

I have to write an essay on Mr Blaine’s latest stunt.

He’s out.

What a ridiculous stunt. I was in London at the end of last month, and I couldn’t believe how many people were gathered just to look at a guy in a box. I saw all I needed to see from the far side of the river.

Didn’t realise this thread existed. Here’s a thread I started about it.

The documentary movie about it was pretentious twaddle too. At one point Blaine was telling lame jokes surrounded by about a dozen naked Playboy bunnies or something. :confused:

Oh yeah, and it was an NHS ambulance that picked him up - even more of a waste of resources.

(from here)

:o And this happened when? Certainly not very knight-like! :smiley:

I’d like to thank all the brits for betting against him and giving me 2/7 odds. That’s 15k for The Kid.

That was suppossed to be a ‘surprised’ smiley instead of the ‘embarrased’ one.

I’m new here–do the mods do thread merges when they get a chance?

I’ve seen it done; that’s not to say it’s commonplace, though I could be wrong.


Sounds like a very sucessful publicity stunt then. It’s been a subject of half a dozen threads on the SDMB which too is quite an accomplishment.

i wouldnt have said inspiring threads on the SDMB is any measure of success. pointless pretentious stunt by a man who seems to beleive hes some sort of entertainment god. for more fun on this subject, check out the pit thread.
ive said just about all im going to say on this subject here without swearing etc