When's the last time you checked your blood sugar?

I’m not a diabetic, but I fear diabetes. I checked mine about two hours ago, about 2.5 hours after eating: 87.

Have you checked yours lately?

Some study says that 1/3 of Americans have diabetes. You can’t know you’re not one of them unless you test!

I’ve never checked my blood sugar. I’m sure it’s been done in the past but I don’t know the results.

Is there a reason you expect to become diabetic jsgoddess?

I have never checked my blood sugar, but I frequently test myself for meningitis. And lemme tell ya’, those home spinal tap kits are murder!

Never, it wouldn’t occur to me. I don’t bother checking my own BP either.

2:30-ish, Thursday before last, 47.

Gee, gynocologists get a bit twitchy when a new patient passes out after waiting THREE FREAKING HOURS (excuse me) after her scheduled appointment time.

Seven, a history of hypoglycemia, being overweight, ethnicity, or family with diabetes increases one’s chances of developing diabetes. It’s never a bad idea to check.

I checked it last year. It wasn’t close to be over the line. I have had it checked since, but never asked what it was.

Just before dinner. It was 80 :slight_smile:

And it was 140 this morning because I was bad and had too much chocolate at bedtime since it was 66 then.

Type 2 here, with complete spreadsheet analysis since 01/01/2002 because I’m a complete dork.

About six or seven years ago. It was a few months after a coworker was diagnosed, and he was showing me his testing doohickey. I don’t remember my exact number, but I remember it was precisely in the middle of what he said was “normal range”.

March. I don’t know the exact number, but my PCP relayed to me that it was fine. She checks every physical along with cholesterol because I have a family history of issues with both. Once it was high-normal and I got a bit sugar scared, but then when I tried to go cold turkey on the sugar it actually made me manic. So I’m hoping diabetes is not in my future.

A couple of months ago. It’s in normal range, but that’s because I’ve lost a whole mess of weight, started running around like crazy, watch my diet, and take metformin.
I found out about my diabetes three years ago, in a strange way – I mentioned to a friend that my feet were always hurting, but that they were kind of numb. (Which seemed a strange combination, thus the mention.) She said that was a sign of diabetes and brought me her monitor. My blood sugar was nearly 400. The doctor that I kinda-rushed-to said that I’d probably had it for at least five years, for it to be that high.
So I asked my regular doctor to check my records. Gosh, I’d had lots of lab tests in the last five years. Guess what. None were for something as simple as blood sugar. And my last few visits had been for a recurring underarm fungus thing (sorry, yecch, but true).
I was oh-so-surprised, given that I’d been Over Forty for nine years, was Fat and Female, had Family history, and Fungal infections. Yeah, now that I had diabetes, I’d done some reading.
I wish I had not assumed that my doctor would think to check my blood sugar, and that I had taken responsibility for my own health, and had asked, since I was having a blood workups done anyway, that he have the lab run a blood sugar test.
I’m not mad at my doctor, but I have switched doctors.

I guess I missed that part in the OP.


Lat time I checked was about 3 years ago, in a physiology lab. I’ve typed my own blood, and tested my own urine too- my university took a very “hands-on” approach.

We use a different scale to the USA, preferring mmol/l to mg/dl. For the values I use, a normal random glucose is under 5.5, 6.1-11.0 is possible impaired glucose tolerance, and over 11.0 is diabetes.

My random blood glucose is under 5.0, so I’m good for diabetes, although I would probably not do well in a famine situation.

Unless it was done when I was too little to remember it, never.

Another - ‘never’ here.

Found a new PCP in January. He ordered full labs on me, including blood sugar. In spite of my morbid obesity and age in the mid-40s, everything, including my blood sugar was, in his words “nauseatingly normal”. I was actually kinda surprised; I’d thought I might be diabetic or pre-diabetic, given my age, size, and the fact that my mom was diabetic.

Now I’ve had gastric bypass surgery, so I don’t expect any trouble from the diabetes monster.

My grandmother checked it for me when I was about 10. She wanted to show me how much it hurt, and then laughed. :rolleyes:

I should get mine checked out by a qualified non-sadist. I get shaky and weak if I don’t eat often enough.

um 10 mins ago.

60 but then again I am a type I diabetic. I guess my last shot was just a little too big damnit. I want to be 150 before I go to bed in about an hour.

I get mine checked twice a year at my universities health center. Last time was sometime in April, and I was still in the clear, although a little high despite fasting for the previous night/that morning.

I have blood sugar problems (not sure if its hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia), and have been known to become sweaty, shaky and pass out randomly. My mother has the same problems, although not as bad as me, and my grandmother has type 2 diabetes.

A little after 8:30 - 112.

I’m new to the diabetes 2 thing.

Now I don’t feel quite so odd. :slight_smile: Actually, I had been more or less doing the hacker’s diet for three weeks before the diagnosis, so I just added a few columns to the spreadsheet. My version of the spreadsheet. I could never get the ones online to work.

The hard thing is to remember to take my pill in the morning. Morning isn’t my strong point.

My sophomore year of high school, so nearly four years ago. It was right after lunch, and I pinched my thumb in the ring of my notebook and it started bleeding. My friend Deborah, who’s diabetic, had just tested her own blood sugar, so she put in a new strip and tested mine too. It was 123.