Where are the dancers?

I’m watching an older movie last night called ‘That’s Entertainment. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were the hosts, and a lot of their dancing was showcased. Now, these two guys were simply amazing with their dancing…in one skit, Gene Kelly danced up a wall until he was horizontal, and then did a back flip and continued his routine. Frank Sinatra was shown, and if you thought he was only a great singer, you should see his old dance moves! I am wondering if their is anybody out there today, that can command an audience like these guys from the forties could. I’ve come up with Gregory Hines, Savion Glover and Michael Flattly (Sp.?) the Lord of the Dance guy. Anybody else come to mind?

I don’t follow the world of stage, and, sadly, I’m not really that familiar with the work of Astaire and Kelly, or Sinatra’s dancing skills, so I don’t really have any opinions as to who today could be compared to them.

However, I do know that Gregory Hines is longer with us. He died of cancer last year. I’ve never heard of Savion Glover. And as for Michael Flatley, I can’t really see his style of dance translating well to the big screen.

That said, I do wish they’d make more live-action musicals, with or without dancing. Or, rather, return to making them. But here’s an interesting big of information from CHUD.com

Hugh Jackman is best known for his role as Wolverine in the two X-Men films, but is currently performing on Broadway in The Boy From Oz. John Woo is the director best known for filling his films with thousands and thousands of bullets!

Broadway? And bullets? Maybe we have something here. :wink:

If such a film does come to fruition, I’ll be in line for a ticket…

I’m pretty sure the dancer you saw doing a backflip was Donald O’Connor, not Gene Kelly – it’s a famous number from Singin’ in the Rain.

Savion Glover is the best tap-dancer in the history of the art, IMHO. You can currently see him in a V-8 commercial – he’s the dreadlocked maniac who dances through the science classroom before turning into a smug white guy who likes V-8. He’s only been in a couple of movies, including Tap (starring Gregory Hines and a slew of amazing oldtimers) and Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, which is … interesting.

Hugh Jackman not only is on Broadway now, he played Curly in a revival of Oklahoma! a few years ago. That’s out on tape and DVD if you’re curious to see what a singing, dancing Hugh Jackman looks like. (The answer is – he’s pretty damn good, IMHO.)

There’s actually been something of a revival of the movie musical in the last few years, with Moulin Rouge and Chicago, among many others. They’re going to release a remake of Shall We Dance, originally a Japenese flick about an uptight office drone who learns to tango. The remake stars Richard Gere and JLo. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see it, but who knows.

I have often pondered this difference between movies from decades ago vs. now. Even Jimmy Cagney danced.

One of the few big name male stars of recent years who has danced in several movies is…John Travolota. They even find excuses for him to dance in things like Look Who’s Talking, Pulp Fiction, and Michael.

Don’t forget Walken busting a move in that Fatboy Slim video!

Christopher Walken: Is there anything he CAN’T do?

He has a whole number in Pennies from Heaven, a rather odd movie of many years ago starring the ultrayumilicious Bernadette Peters and – believe it or not – a dancing Steve Martin.

And then there’s Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame. He’s done TV versions of Bye Bye Birdie (1995) and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997). And if you ask me, he’s pretty impressive…