Where are the funny ads?

A Tony Evers ‘get out and vote’ type ad just made me laugh, and I realized that was the first time any political ad has ever done that. Fear is a powerful motivator so most ads are attack ads and they’re all doom and gloom, but if you’re going to talk shit about your opponent why not make everyone laugh and have your ad repeated at the water cooler. It would have to be a SuperPAC ad otherwise it’s, “my opponent, Sitnam, believes your pension is a laughing matter.”, but still, the day after the Super Bowl everyone is not huddled around the office talking about the ads that made them angry and afraid.

Try this one. It happens to be for my district, and meshes with what I’ve felt about the incumbent, Eric Paulsen.

We Found Bigfoot!

Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot asks if we should keep the state law against transgender discrimination. The wicked awesome ad.

I think you tend to see the more humorous ads during primary season now, where many times candidates don’t want to go for the jugular against their own party.

Ever since Citizens United, it seems like al the general election ads are the same interchangeable ads funded by super PAC money.

These, done by Richard Linklater with the character Sonny from the movie Bernie, are a hoot.





Here is Sonny in the original movie.


I’m originally from Texas even though I’m out in the Pacific Northwest now. Around our house we’ve been saying come on Ted for a while hahaha

This one from Illinois was clearly an attempt to be funny: