Where are the highways snowed in between Detroit and DC?

Or between Detroit and Charlottesville, VA?

I suspect it will be a long time before I can get a flight. I wouldn’t drive the entire way tonight because I know the roads closer to either destination still suck, but I can get part way and stay the night if I can find out what is passable. I’m not sure where the snow and ice are, and my phone internet is struggling. Anyone know if this would be a Really Dumb Idea?

The big storm that is affecting the southeast is basically stopped dead at Ohio. It’s sunny and clear and “warm” (32!) here. I live right on the eastern edge of the Ohio turnpike and I-480, and you can definitely get here.

Pennsylvania, on the other hand, looks a little iffy…you might have to stop around Pittsburgh.

I hear Pittsburgh is ok now.

There is also a small highway through Ohio to 77 to 64 that looks viable? 81 in VA is a mess, so I’d have to stop before then. I’d end in cville if I tried that.

WV looks worse than PA, so maybe not.

You were right. Sunny skies through Ohio. I had a hotel booked for me outside of Pittsburgh, so I’m going to hunker down and see how the roads look tomorrow.