Where are they now? Bueller and others

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was released in 1986, twenty years ago. Where would Ferris be now?

He’s obviously smart enough to get through high school and college with decent marks, and would probably go into high-end sales or marketing to start, then move on to corporate PR. He has enough charisma to be a politician, but never had the desire for power that would turn him that way. He’d marry his high-school girlfriend and they’d stick together; he seems to really care for her (almost as much as for himself).

Can you come up with brief biographies for other fictional characters? What have they been doing since we saw them last?

He’s a fry cook on Venus. Duh.

Kirk died.

Morbius died.

Luke Skywalker died.

Paul Atreides died.

Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Talahachi bridge. So, I guess he died.

Bubba shot the juke box. And later died.

Arthur Dent died.

Rhett died.

Newt survived and was put in charge. She later died.

Klaatu met a nice girl from Yorkshire and settled down. He’ll probably die soon.

And finally, I died in your arms tonight.


So, NoClueBoy’s RL identity is Jim Carroll… :smiley:

Bueller was actually killed about 20 minutes after the end of the original film by the guy whos Ferrari he wrecked. I was 22 minutes after the film ended and just missed the brutal asskicking. But I put the boot in once or twice just to make sure.

He really had it coming for treating that automobile like that.

Bueller got sentenced to six years yesterday. That’s right, he grew up to be Andrew Fastower.
The prosecution was aided in its case by the testimony provided by Joel Goodson of Risky Business. He cut a deal with the Federal Prosecuter.

Aw, come on! I can’t be the only one to think he was a bit of a sociopath!

Yeah. I would think the Bueller would have gone to college, joined the rich kids’ frat, became student body president, got a job with Goldman Sachs, and made a quick million - then either lost it all on Wall Street, got busted for insider training, got out of jail, and became a motivational speaker…

…or went to Hollywood and became a kindler, gentler version of Ari Gold… only more successful.

I always thought it was brilliant that he was cast as this poor, pathetic workaholic teacher in Election, and essentially confronting a perkier, more annoying version of Ferris in Tracy Flick. For an 80s kid to see Ferris throwing a milkshake at Rep. Tracy Flick’s car and then running away was so meta.

He actually ends up being the Sausage King of Chicago.

Take that Abe Froman!

He’d dump his high school sweetheart & go on to boink the Jewish Dirty Dancing Chick & then the skinny Square Pegs girl after she started blooming. The latter he would eventually marry & sire children by, while also making it big on stage with a musical rehash of a classic Mel Brooks film.
Cameron meanwhile would become assistant to Alex P. Keaton & Mayor Brad (greyer but apparently recovered from the FrankNFurter incident).

I thought the movie suggested that Ferris forgot all about poor Mia Sara. Cam’s got a line (referring to his parents) about, “It’s like the car. He hates her, loves the car.” (Or something like that.) Anyway, I doubt Ferris is the type to wait around a year for his high school girlfriend to graduate. He’d be long gone.

I figured Cam’s dad probably really did kill him. Seriously, like he really threw him out of the house, and Cam had to get a job and work his way through community college and State U., instead of the U of I or wherever he was meant to go, and never had contact with his family again.

Joel Goodson breaks it off with the hooker, goes off to Princeton. Does he flunk out? He didn’t get in honestly, so we don’t know if he’s capable. But he’s ambitious and works hard, so maybe he’s all right.

I don’t think either Ferris or Joel have the success their parents have, though.

And we all know what happened to Mr Ed Rooney… :eek:

There was supposedly a theoretical sequel. Cameron’s grown up, law clerking, or something, and Ferris swings by to take him on the wildest bachelor party ever. (Not joking, but decade old memories.)

I’ve always thought they should do a movie called Ferris Bueller Jr’s Day Off. Ferris and his HS sweetheart get married and have a kid who’s the spitting image of his old man. The kid goes through similar hijinks, and the whole time they hint that his dad is wise to the whole thing.

Matthew Broderick would only have a cameo in the movie.

[/patent pending]

I was writing this long post about what happened to Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell after Top Gun in 1986. I had made various allusions to incidents in American military history, characters played by Cruise in other movies, and Cruise’s own personal life. Then as I was wrapping it all up with Mitchell’s current status (new marriage, recent child, and serving in Iraq) Windows had a brainfart and lost everything. Dammit.

This is close to what they did with Van Wilder in 2002. Wilder was based on the character of Otter from Animal House in 1978 and they had Tim Matheson playing Wilder’s father.

Ferris slid through college and became a dull, uninspired accountant. Then he got mixed up with a wildly creative, although ethically shifty, Broadway producer named Max Bialistock.


Dorothy, it is said,
left her pretty ruby red
slippers in the Land
of Oz. A straw-stuffed hand
caresses them still. A weeping
tin man risks rusting;
and a trusting
but timid lion whimpers while sleeping.
Poor Dorothy, back on the farm
far from all harm,
out of the story,
dreams of the green glory,
the City of Emeralds cast away
in exchange for cornfields, Aunt Em’s face,
and endless miles of fences. But hey,
they say there’s no place
like home. (They do not say
there’s no place merrier.)
The little cairn terrier
grows fat and old;
Em and Henry fade away, die, are buried,
and Dorothy, her finest tale long since told,
has never married.

this premise sounds familiar - I think there was another thread like this a few months ago - whatever it’s fun
The Big Chill - 23 years later:
Harold Cooper had to tesitfy before the SEC, afterwards he and Sarah got an amicable divorce with shared custody. They still spend holidays together.
Sam Weber’s **JT Lancer ** series ran for 10 years, after which he was never able to shake that image, and ended up opening a talent agency
Karen and Richard Bowens, immediately upon her retrun from the infamous weekend, had a trial separation that lasted only 2 months - she ran back to him realizing she never had it so good
Meg Jones did conceive after her night with Harold, and gave birth to a healthy girl she named Alexis. Alexis grew up and is currently working as an aassistant to highly paid corporate attorney and is frequently litigating opposite her mother
Michael Gold won a pulitzer for his book The Lost Hope Weekend and has done nothing since
Nick Carlton and Chloe lived happily ever after, and spent a fortune on batteries for her.

That’s sad, pinkfreud, but probably true. (Didn’t the books have her going back to Oz again? If so, they’re only fiction.) And Little Nemo, I’m sorry you lost your post. It sounds like a good one.

You both have the idea I started the thread with.

(On preview, anyrose too.)

You left out becoming captain of the Enterprise.