Where are you holidaying this summer...?

I’m off to Spain tomorrow…
Puerto Banus (near Marbella) to be exact.

Not exactly my more exciting trip ever but it will be good to relax and see a bit of sun for a change.
(and it’s a GREAT time to be out of Norn Iron too!!!)

We have had the wettest April, May & June for many years, with July not looking like getting any better. Can’t wait to feel the sun on my face again…Mmmm

So, what’s all you other Doper’s up to for the next few weeks? Anything exciting?

Well, I’m pretty busy this summer, but I’m doing a Canada thing this summer. I was 5 days in Quebec City. I’m planning on poping up to Montreal once or twice, and next weekend I’m going to Toronto for a DOPEFEST!!!

No vacation for me this year… again… I think that makes 3 years in a row. Perhaps next summer I’ll get a break.

First summer in about 12 years I won’t get out of the country (did get to Cuba in January though). I have my four week old daughter to blame for being imprisoned on the same rainy little isle Aro’s escaping but I’m a happy inmate.

So, it will be off to see her Granny and Grandad in Kerry a couple of times and maybe the odd domestic weekend away.

Nothing as exotic as Spain or even Canada but I’m flying to Portland, OR at the end of this month to visit my sister for a week. I’ve never been to the other end of the country before so it’s exciting to me!

And probably a few mini vacations to Pigeon Forge, TN. Gotta get some use outta the Dollywood Season pass. shrug

I get to go to the beach this year. Nothing really special except that it will be the first time I have ever seen the ocean. Any ocean. Except on TV. And I’m already dead in dog years.

Summer seems awfully far away for me since we’re in the middle of Winter. I have plans to go to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia with a tour group. Lots of shop-shop-shopping for me!

I’ll be holidaying… at work.

I doubt I’ll get to go anywhere this year. We usually manage a week at the beach, but I don’t know if that will happen this year for a variety of reasons, non very interesting.

Nowhere this summer but hopefully Paris this fall.

Helena, Montana (to show the Ottlets where I [mis]spent my college years), and Anaconda, Montana (long story).

C’mon, admit it–you’re jealous!

I’m gonna go to Disney World in late september, but nowhere until then.