Summer is here! Any cool vacation plans?

Me, I just got back from spending a week in Avon, NC on the Outer Banks with a good portion of my extended family. It’s a nice area, not nearly as built up and developed as a lot of beach towns.
So how about you, any big vacations going on?

“Va . . . ca . . . tion?” I think I’ve heard that word somewhere, but it’s not anything I’m familiar with . . . That’s the thing with the wheels, right?

I’ve been hanging out in Birch Bay. Taking the kayak out today when the tide comes in.

I’m just finishing my summer vacation. My 12-y/o nephew has been hanging with me for the last 11 days. I’ve taken him to DC, Baltimore, and some other places. He goes home today. I get tomorrow to recuperate.

I hope to have a real vacation some day…

Summer vacation? Ha! I’m lucky if I can get a day off in the summer. It’s our busiest time at the musem.

But, then again, I probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere this time of the year. Too many people. I prefer to travel in the fall and winter when the tourist seasons are over. (And I’m not a beach person.)

I’m leaving for Amsterdam on August 25, my first real grownup vacation ever. I asked my parents for the tickets for my 30th birthday, and it will be the first time I’ve ever been out of the country (except for that trip to Canada when I was seven–we won’t talk about that because it was no fun at all–which I’m sure wasn’t Canada’s fault, I blame my brother). I’m so excited I’ll probably start packing before July is over. :slight_smile:

Renting a vacation home in Denmark for a week with three of my husband’s siblings plus assorted partners and offspring. Twelve of us in all. The house has a small indoor pool and is a couple minutes’ walk from a flat sandy beach, and within daytrip distance of Legoland. Either we’ll have a great time or we’ll all go nuts :smiley:

We take lots of little trips- mosly to sit in a river somewhere and cool off. Last trip out we did a cave crawl. Big fun!

Good thing you’re upstream.

By the way, is it true that Americans have the least vacation time of any developed country?

I accrue one vacation/sick day per month I work here. One bad cold, and there go all your vacation days (so everyone at work shows up sick). I have to save all my vacation for “Mom emergencies,” so I have not actually had a real get-away, enjoy-yourself, relax “vacation” since 2000.

(Not that I’m complaining–I’m damned glad to have a job I don’t hate, and a paycheck!)

Me too. I just wish the job was 1,200 miles farther north. :frowning:

My annual week in Cape May, NJ is coming up the first week in August – I’m starting the stack o’ books already. blissful sigh

Yes. From what I’ve seen/read anyway.

I get one week’s vacation a year, plus two sick days. I’ve worked here for eight years. Next year, that’s going to change or I’m seriously going to consider quitting.

Anyway, our vacation (4 days + weekend — woo hoo!) will be done in true Minnesota style. We’re going to “the cabin,” “up north,” at “the lake.” If you don’t know where that is, you’re not from here. We’ll do some fishing, swimming, napping, reading, and other various sorts of relaxing. Maybe a trip to Itasca. I also plan to spend some time with my aunts and uncles who live in that area, and my friend’s dad, a former teacher of mine who recently moved to northern MN. Oh, we’re also taking our vacation in conjunction with our anniversary.

Hubby works for the state, so he gets better vacation than most. He accrues 2.5 hours of personal time each payperiod, along with vacation time. It works out to five weeks of vacation and personal time a year.

I get nothing. I can have days off when I need them if we’re not busy, but I don’t get paid for them.

Just curious – what museum? Is this, like, a museum of human or natural history, or an art museum?

Alas, no vacation this year on the Rice Estate. We’re building a retaining wall, 80 feet long, 3 feet high, along the front of the “upper yard,” then terracing the north slope from the house to the driveway, then filling low spots in the driveway so when it does rain again in the next year or so, it won’t puddle so badly. Already did the small patio next to the front porch, rebuilt the downspout runoff channels (damn things still don’t work right!) and planted 60 windbreak trees, but half of the stupid things died before I could get the drip system finished. So, busy summer, but no vacation.

My company gave us a four day weekend for the fourth, so this pretty much is my vacation. No great plans, except I’ve been sitting around in my bathing suit with a drink in my hand since Friday afternoon. And playing Oblivion, mostly.

I need a roadtrip before my head asplodes though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing this summer, but I had a week in Dayton/Indianapolis/Chicago in May and I’m planning on a sailing trip this fall from Nova Scotia to Barbados on a tall ship.

General history, which encompasses pretty much anything, including art and natural history.

Summer vacation?

Summer vacation?

I’m satisfied with no fewer than three of them. Two years ago I took five of them!

Granted, most of these are just long weekends fortified with an extra day off, and granted, they’re all fairly local, as in in-state.

Memorial Day was Cape Ann. Labor Day will be Cape Cod. In two weeks I’ll spend a week on Martha’s Vineyard. My GF and I have been teasing each other with questions like “What’s your favorite second of the vacation?*”, “What food are you going to order at Lola’s?”, and “What ‘specialty’ beaches are we going to visit?” We can spend hours doing this.

*Invariably, the answer is when we’re on the ferry waiting to go, then suddenly we realize that the dock is slipping away from us. Pure bliss!

I have to go to Guam on business later this year, so I am going to take a week whle I am there.