Where can a man obtain the Gardasil vaccine?

My partner has the HPV virus. I would like to get the Gardasil vaccine to protect my self. Even though the FDA has not approved it to be marketed to men, my doctor could provide me with the vaccine off label, but refuses to do so. I’ve searched around quite a bit and have not been able to come up with any other options. I would like to find a doctor that can give me the vaccine, or a place online where I could order it myself. Any help would be much appreciated.

As you mentioned, Gardasil isn’t FDA approved to be given to males (yet), so any doctor prescribing it would do so as an off-label use. Now, since it is a prescription only vaccine you do need to get a doctor to write the script for you, you can not buy it without a script.

To find a doctor to write it for you, I would suggest just calling doctors around you, probably the only way to find one.

Oh, and two things to be aware, first, Gardasil only protects against a couple strains of HPV (Strains 6, 11, 16, and 18 to be exact), if your partner has one of the other strains it won’t help at all. Also, it only works if you haven’t already been exposed to those strains of HPV. If you already contracted HPV then the vaccine won’t do a damn thing.

If I cannnot find a dr to provide it are there any overseas companies online that might sell it without a prescription?

Closed. Asking for things that are illegal in the US is just not done.

samclem Moderator, General Questions

First off, many (if not most) humans have been exposed to the HPV virus. This includes men as well as women. I’ve read reports that indicate something like at least 50% of the population of the US carries HPV. Men and women. If you’ve been sexually active at all that probably includes you.

You’re not confusing HPV with herpes, are you? Not the same – two totally different STDs going on here. Many people have HPV and don’t even know it.

The company that manufactures Gardasil has petitioned the U.S. Government to approve making Gardasil available to men. This is still pending, I do believe.

There’s also another vaccine in the pipeline but not yet approved. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cervarix

Gardasil is administered in a series of three shots over six months and the target audience is girls aged 9 to 26 years old. Approximate cost is $360 for the series; it’s covered by a lot of insurance plans.

But there is no guarantee that even if you had the vaccination that you would be 100% protected against HPV – Gardasil only covers a few of the many strains of HPV out there.

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