Where can I ask for YouTube help?

I have tried Google, and I’ve tried to find a subreddit. I’m at my wits end for the day. It’s like Google wants to be difficult. Where can I ask about subtitles or notes or something on YT videos?

In case that place is here:

Here is a pic of my video. I want to increase the size of the font and push the placement up vertically. I’m completely stumped and have spent over half an hour on this one thing.

I don’t believe, as a content creator, that you can adjust the placement or size of subtitles. I’m not an experienced YouTube content creator, but looking in the Video Subtitles section of YouTube Studio, I don’t see any options to adjust subtitles as a content creator, other than to add specific languages.

You can do it as a viewer by clicking on the Settings (gear icon) in the lower right of a video you’re watching, then click on Subtitles, then Options in the upper right of the Subtitles window.