Where can I buy 100+ cheap earphones with extra long cords?

I’m looking to buy about 150 earphones to give to a company, but the cord should be longer than normal because this will plug into the headphone jack on their computers, and many of their computers sit on the floor.

Ideally I’d like to pay no more than $3.00 per headphone (these will be used very occasionally). Any ideas where I could find headphones like that in bulk?


As long as you’re not in a hurry (they ship from Hong Kong, allow a couple of weeks) I would check out DealExtreme. I recommend ordering a sample before committing to 100 units.

How about monoprice.com? They have some with 52 inch cables that are around that price in quantities of fifty or more. You could try contacting them to see if they can offer a better price for 150 units.

I’ve bought headphones in bulk from Tech Depot.com (affiliated with Office Depot) but they had a standard 4-foot cord. Those were about $2-$2.50/unit. That was several years ago, so maybe they offer something with a longer cord now.