Where can I buy a flameproof casserole?

I just got a new cookbook, and several of the recipes call for a flameproof casserole, which can be used both on the stovetop and in the oven. Problem is, I don’t have one. I’ve looked on a few stores’ websites and on Froogle, and I can’t find any products that explicitly state that they can be used both on the stove and in the oven. Am I looking in the wrong places? Or, if this just isn’t the sort of thing that gets mentioned in product descriptions, what qualities should I look for in a product that will indicate that it’s suitable for this use?


No mention of being suitable for use on the stovetop. Again, I need something that I can use on the stove, cover, and place in the oven for additional cooking. CorningWare doesn’t seem to be the answer here.

I have a cast iron casserole from Le Creuset , used both over gas on the stove and in the oven. Really heavy and quite pricy, but will last forever.

Corningware can definately be used on the stove. My mom got hers for her wedding and it’s still going strong 36 years later with frequent stovetop use.

or maybe we just got lucky. huh.

Are you sure she’s using the “traditional” Corningware? It’s usually white with blue trim and a glass lid. I can state with certainty that that model cannot be used on the stovetop unless one enjoys cleaning up exploded food and Corningware chunks from the burners.

I think Corningware makes other products besides their casserole dishes; perhaps that’s what your mom is using?

Aside from something like the Le Creuset or an 18-gauge all-stainless straight-sided pan, I can’t think of any product that can be used on the stove AND in the oven.

For instance, you can use this on both the stovetop and in the over:


You can probably find something cheaper but it’s got to be all steel. No plastic, obviously.

Well, I think I found what I’m looking for; I went with a five quart Innova Dutch oven. It’s specifically described as working with both stovetop and oven, and it’s a good deal cheaper than Le Creuset, which is a bit out of my price range. Thanks to all who replied.

Nope, its a white square ceramic casserole in the “cornflower” pattern. With a glass lid. It looks exactl;y like this:

It’s a little scorched on the bottom but otherwise in good repair. I have personally used it on the stovetop many, many times throughout my childhood and every year to make cranberry relish on Thanksgiving. I understand (now) that this is not recommended, and I would hesitate to advise anyone to go against the manufactureer’s recommendations. Just sayin’ though.

Do you think it matters that my parents have a gas stove?

Stove top to oven?
No need to go high tech, no need to spend a fortune. Just get some cast iron cookware
Buy it local or if you get it on the net, make sure you use a place that charges shipping by the price of the item, not the weight! :smiley:

Corningware and the like are fine to use on the stovetop if there are liquids in the pan but if your doing any sort of dry cooking like frying, then it will crack.