Where can I buy a human brain?

Googling seems to be remarkably unhelpful in this endeavor. I remember when my physiological psych professor brought a pickled human brain to class, took it out of the jar, and let everybody handle it. The kids in my class would go totally apeshit over something like this. They would be talking about it for months. So is there any place I can get one?

You might find some brains here.
…and permit me to say I am SO glad I’m long past school age - that stuff is yucky to say the least. :stuck_out_tongue:

This company provides real human anatomical specimens, preserved in a plastination process. However, you don’t officially buy the specimens, but get them on a 99 year lease.

This company provides unembalmed cadavers and specimens to approved medical research and education providers. Are we talking about a university class, or some other level? When I taught Human Anatomy to non-med majors, we dissected cats but had some preserved human organs such as brains.

Carolina Biological carries sheep brains, but only models of human brains. I presume the OP wants the real deal.:wink:

Plastinated brains would not have the some feel and consistency, which I think a science teacher would want for the students.

Same feel and consistency as what? Embalmed brains don’t feel a lot like fresh brains either. (Based on my experience with animal brains.)

As a fresh brain.

Well, that wouldn’t matter much. These are kindergartners we’re talking about. Any brain outside of a human body is going to have to be preserved in some way that drastically alters its texture. A live brain isn’t rubbery like liver; it’s so soft that I’ve heard it described as being almost like cottage cheese, although this may be a substantial exaggeration. I just want them to be able to see and hold a real human brain.

ETA: never mind—I see you guys already cleared that up.

From the [insert a group you think is foolish]. Theirs have never been used.

Actually, I think the first thing I’ll try is the biology department (I work at a lab school). They may have one I can just borrow for a day. Maybe if I get really lucky the donor’s name will have been Abby Normal.


Really? It seems to me that might be a little inappropriate for 5 year olds.

Well, there’s no way you’re going to get a fresh brain (legally), and students won’t know the difference anyway.

Regular anatomical specimens probably wouldn’t be provided to classes below the university undergraduate level.

Fresh brains are extremely soft, and cottage cheese would not be much of an exaggeration (although they hold together better). When cleaning a skull, the brain can be semi- liquified with a dissecting needle and then washed out of the foramen magnum.

How much you offering? I’ll sell you mine, but you will have to come and get as I wont be able to ship it myself.

You can get one of those new Curry’s brains (with a mudguard!) for eight bob.

Can’t you just get a cow or sheep’s brain from a butcher? For the OP’s purpose, it’s not going to make a difference.

I think that’s a good idea. For Kindergartners, I think this would be a good demonstration. Kids typically don’t want to wear helmets, and to understand at an early age that the brain sloshes around when one falls and hits their head against a hard surface would be a good lesson to learn at an early age. Tying that in to the shock absorption protection a helmet gives would be a good lesson at such an early age.

This, from a guy who suffered a concussion and skull fx at 17 because I didn’t wear a helmet. I had no idea they’re the consistency of cottage cheese.

My highschool teacher had one, but kindergarten is a little off. Are you sure the parents would be alright with it? I would, but my four year old can’t wait for every episode of the walking dead. I’m pretty sure we are an unusual family that way.

Think of the whitish part of that sirloin you had the other day: the primary composition of ganglial tissue is fat.

One of my students fainted the first time she saw a cadaver. She was probably 19.

Oh geez, I’m now thoroughly disgusted.
…and on that note, I bid you all goodnight. :slight_smile: