Where can I buy a large USB mouse?

I recently bought machine which requires a USB mouse and keyboard, neither of which I own. Looking at mice, I’ve decided that if I’m going to get one, I may as well make it a good one.
My problem is that all the demo mice in stores appear to be made in regular and teeny sizes, but not large. My hands are definately larger than average, or I wouldn’t have had to spend 3 days trying to (eventually not) find gloves that fit. Using my brothers generic mouse, it seems my fingers are at more acute an angle than the designers intended.

Does anyone have any suggestions? For comparison, measured thusly my “Middle Finger length” is just over 3 5/8", as is my “Hand breadth across Finger knuckles”. Oddly I now feel like giving someone a high-visibility flipping off.:smiley:

My fingers are fairly skinny, so I don’t mind small buttons, but in the interests of those whose aren’t, make any suggestions you want to about that.

might I suggest the logitech mx500/700? I find them fairly large. My hands aren’t as big as yours though.

My SO just got a cordless IntelliMouse and its quite a bit bigger than my non-cordless IntelliMouse. *It works great. It was the biggest mouse at Best Buy.


*Except for FPS. The battery saver feature shuts the mouse off after ~.000002 seconds has past since the last movement and it takes a good 1/4" before it turns itself back on. Hard to kill people when your mouse keeps shutting off.

My fingers are the exact same size as yours and my favorite mouse is this one. Most larger handed people don’t stretch their fingers over the mouse, but sort of perch on top of it with the fingers touching the necessary buttons and grasping the sides, and with the palm not even really touching the body of the mouse. You can get larger mice like this one that will fit you fingers better if you need to “palm” the mouse per you mousing style. .

You might want to consider a trackball, as opposed to a mouse. They tend to be larger than the average mouse. Kensington has a good line of both; check out their Web site here.


Check out the Kensington StudioMouse Wireless (http://www.kensington.com/html/1510.html). I have large hands as well and this mouse fits me like a glove. It has a five year warranty and the software provided is excellent. It has too many features to list - but my favorite is the scroll sensor (great for scrolling web pages, Photoshop images, etc).


Excactly… I could keep using mice that way, but seeing as they weren’t designed for that, I’d like to try the alternative. Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile: