Where can I buy a Swiffer?

I know Target sells them, but I don’t really want to go there (not afraid of the recent security breach, just don’t like 'em.) CVS doesn’t sell them, the grocery store only has off-brands, and it’s too big & clumsy to order online. I’m basically looking for a store that’s local & convenient – does Home Depot carry them?

What kind of Swiffer? A Wet Jet? A Swiffer vacuum? There are a few Swiffer appliances. You don’t give your location, but where I live (a fairly moderately-sized city in the US) nearly every grocery and department store carries such items. If you don’t like Target, do you have a K Mart or Wal-Mart nearby?

The swiffer comes unassembled in a pretty small box (assembly is very easy, my then 4 year old put our last one together for me), and it’s lightweight. How much do they want for shipping?

Bed, Bath, & Beyond sells a variety of them. At least the one by me in Chicago does.

I ordered my treadmill online. I routinely order things online way bigger than a Swiffer.

The Swiffer website has information on where to buy, http://www.swiffer.com/where-to-buy. After clicking on the category and then the product of your choice, you’ll get a page with links to online retailers and an opportunity to put in your zip code to find local retailers.

My CVS carries them. What about another drug store? Rite Aid, Walgreen, etc. Swiffers I would think are pretty common.

Seriously?! You needed to ask the Dope about this?? About where to find Swiffers?? Um, everywhere that sells stuff for cleaning. You’re welcome.

Amazon. I like the steam version.

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There’s more than one kind?? All I need is a basic verosin to sweep up a year’s worth of butt hair that’s accumulated on the bathroom tile. (It’s not so bad as it sounds, but I only clean house when certain rooms start to get a little scary.) My ex-roommate owned this type which is basically all I need.

Didn’t know it required assembly…that’s probably why I can’t find one. As for online, I prefer to support the brick & mortar stores when I can, and I have to visit CVS today or tomorrow anyway.

Yep, it comes in three pieces in a short box, iirc. You just slide each piece into the next, easy peasy.

Well, if you buy a Swiffer, note well all the many places people are telling you to find them… because you’ll need refills about as often as you need toilet paper.

When you get tired of that, try the O-Cedar version that’s cheaper to start with and has a washable pad instead.

Like others have said, you’re likely just looking in the wrong place. I found mine at a hardware store, but have seen them at the grocery, CVS, etc. It’s in a box that appears much too small to have a Swiffer inside of it.

Bought it today. The box was incredibly tiny, no wonder I could never locate it!

Haha, as often as I clean the house, a single refill box will last about 23 years. :wink:

You can get cheap refills at the dollar store. They’re labelled “cleaning wipes”.

You can also just put a microfiber cloth on the Swiffer like you do the pads. At least, the model of some years ago fit. I haven’t gotten a new one in many years, so I can’t be sure they’re the same.

In my experience they don’t slide as well, and are actually hard to slide, so you don’t use them as often and that saves you money. :smiley:

If you have to have a wipey-mop, this is the one to buy. Same price, does the same job, does not need disposable refills, head can be washed 100+ times and a replacement is half the cost of the new one. Do the math on even light Swiffer use over a year and it’s a no-brainer.