Where can I buy a transistor?

I’ve got this little project I’m working on, and I need to buy a couple of replacement transistors. I’m kind of out in the boonies (not near a decent dealer), so where can I buy this kind of stuff online?

I guess I’m looking for an online Radio Shack on steroids…



I use them all the time. They’re great.

Allied Electronics, Jameco and DigiKey all sell electronic components online.

Active Components is a nice place. They have stores all over Canada, and seem to deliver, though I’ve always gone to their store.

We buy parts from Digi-Key all the time.

For that matter Radio Shack is online.

Why not http://www.radioshack.com itself ?

Go to Electronic Components/Semi Conductors/Transistors

If there are any electronic shops near you try them. The few guys still around here are glad to get rid of the stock.

Thanks for the response. tomndebb and xash, the thing is that RS doesn’t have a big enough selection. At least I don’t know enough to know what can be substituted for what. The last time I tried that I ended up with cold fusion, so I threw it all away.

One of the sites (I forget which), was under construction, but it looks like Mouser ought to work this time.

Anybody got any experience with circuit simulators? Probably need to start a new topic…

Um, you could have just said in the OP “I need to find some 2N3055s and some BC108s”, or whatever. You could still say it now.

I have a demo version of PSpice, which you can get here.

OK, what I need today is some D571’s (NTE293 - I dl’ed their cross-ref data). Tomorrow may be something different, like an A733. That’s why I asked a kind of general question…