Where can I buy electronics from Japan that will ship to the US?

What is a store that I can buy Sony Electronics only for sale in Japan, and have them ship to the US? I can’t find a store, as everything is in Japanese and Babelfish doesn’t do that great of a job…

These people carry mostly computers but I think they have said they can get almost anything you want. You might check with them.


Why do you want to do this? Power supply considerations? “Quality” issues?

You could possibly ask one of the Dopers living in Japan (there are several) to buy whatever you are looking for and ship it to you. Assuming it’s a one time only deal, and someone would be willing to do it for you, that is.

You’re easiest route will be to use an importer, rather than a japanese store that ships all the way here. Given that, most importers only address a narrow part of the market. For example:

Minidisco - imports Sony minidisc players
National Console Support - imports Sony game systems

So if you give us more specifics on what type of Sony product, it might be easier.