Where can I buy (legit) concert tickets?

In this thread I talked about the group The Other Ones, which is comprised of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead.

Tickets went on sale this past Saturday, but I wasn’t able to get any through Ticketmaster (as directed by the Dead’s own site).

I know that as the date for the show approaches, more tickets can become available.

But I was wondering if there’s another outlet for me. I don’t mean scalpers, I mean another legit place to buy tickets. I’m assuming Ticketmaster has the rights for the show, though, which would mean I’m completely out of luck.

But just in case someone out there knew of an alternative, I thought I’d post this. Again, I’m not looking to hook up with “some guy who’s selling them for $100 each,” since that’s illegal. I’m looking for a place that’s legally selling them at face value.

I think I’ll wander over to the venue’s site, if they have one. Maybe I’ll have luck there!

Only thing I can really suggest is that you periodically check back in at ticketmaster.com to see if any tickets have been fed back into the pool. Generally, the day of or the day before the show, a slew of extra tickets are released and you can oftentimes get somewhat decent seating.

Thanks, I’ll try that, interface2x. I also went to the venue site, and yes you can buy tickets there - through Ticketmaster.