Where can I download a Venn Diagram maker and a meme generator?

Forgive me my computer illiteracy. Where can I download them without a virus?

I apologize, but I was taught how to make, and logically define them, on paper, in the sixth grade, a decade before I saw a computer. Where were you in 1965, and why do you need software? :confused:

I was born in 1970. I need them for Internet.

I would use a program called Inkscape, which is a general vector art program. You can safely download it from its homepage: Draw Freely | Inkscape

What is paper?

Despite when I was taught it, I didn’t USE Set Theory until the late 1990s. I take it you aren’t a Computer Science student. :wink:

Old school computer. Programing and running a program was done with a “pencil” or “pen”, both a primitive form of touchscreen stylus.

Thanks – downloaded.

Where can I get a meme generator? Where is the best place to store my memes?

Memes, being cultural ideas, are generated by your brain. Sometimes the term is short for “internet meme.”

But I assume you mean the (frustrating) new definition of meme, a picture with overlaid text, usually in Impact font? Those are called image macros. They are a *type *of Internet meme, but then so are videos like Charlie Bit Me and Gangam Style.

Here’s the google list, I don’t have a specific one to recommend. The imgur link can probably combine creation and hosting.

Okay, but where I can download a brain?

Preferably one without viruses.

The OP may be interested in Gimp, which is a professional level image manipulation program. Admittedly real pros use Adobe Photoshop because they can.

My friend is selling one. Her email is abby.normal at fronkensteen dot com.

Brain? Brain? What is “brain?”

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I have used this meme generator several times:

ETA: Once you click ‘generate meme’, right-click it and save it to your hard drive.

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I would use a program called Inkscape, which is a general vector art program. You can safely download it from its homepage: https://inkscape.org/en/.../QUOTE]
Ditto thanks.

Or, you know, MS Paint.

You want to draw two partially overlapping circles, possibly with some shading, and add some text?

Welcome to MS paint. It can do that. You had the power to draw a circle within you all along!

Thanks a lot! My first meme has been generated.

And uninstalled – too much 4 simple tasks on a simple computer.

Pshaw! When I started out in programming, we etched our programs directly into 80-column cards with an X-Acto Knife!

Heh! Awfully damn near! We had 80 column cards with the holes pre-die-cut (Florida ballots!) and you punched 'em out with a stylus into a special receiver that had grooves under the holes. You ended up with a mob-ton of chads. (We called it “chaff” in the day; there wasn’t a singular noun for it, any more than there’s a singular noun for water.)