Where can I find a detailed list of all the programs George Soros has donated money to

I was reading up on Soros and its quite interesting seeing his desire to support liberal democracy and minority rights.

But I’m looking for info about individual charities he has supported. The closest I can find it wikipedia which discusses donations he has made here and there. $35 million here, $25 million there, $5 million here, etc. But he has given at least 7 billion to donations so far, from what I can tell much of it to minority rights, pro-democracy groups, anti-poverty efforts, leftist causes, etc.

Is there a more in depth list of charities he has supported? I know he just recently donated the bulk of his fortune to charity since he doesn’t expect to live much longer, I’m interested to see what happens with it now that liberal democracy is under attack all over the world.

I don’t know about a list, but…

Central European University “was founded in 1991 by hedge fund manager, political activist, and philanthropist George Soros, who has provided the university with an $880 million endowment, making the university one of the wealthiest in Europe.” [Wikipedia]

Most of the students are from the former Soviet bloc and typically get full scholarships to study law, political science, environmental studies etc. from a Western perspective.

You can look at the website for the Open Society Foundations for a partial answer.

Unless his tax returns were released in detail, the only information would be from Soros, himself, or the organizations. Thye’d have no particular reason to release this information

As a private foundation, the Open Society Institute must disclose revenue and expenditures to the IRS. Form 990 is public information. If you create a free account, you can obtain copies of them at Charity Navigator.

Guidestar is another source of nonprofit information:

The Open Society Foundations might issue annual reports as well.