Where can I find a list of mathematical symbols?

Math articles on wikipedia are often impenetrable because I have no idea what the symbols mean. Where can I find a good list of these symbols along with simple explanations of what they mean?

The problem you’re going to run into is that if you haven’t been exposed to the symbols, you probably also haven’t been exposed to the ideas they represent. In that case, simply memorizing the symbols won’t help you understand anything.

That said, any textbook will have a list of the symbols it uses. But if there is a comprehensive symbolic dictionary, no one’s ever pointed it out to me.

The problem is a LOT of symbols and Greek letters are used repeatedly, and it often depends on the context of the article you’re currently reading as to what they actually mean.

That’s pretty far from comprehensive.

If only there were some way for a knowledgable person to edit that page.

Alas, some of those symbols aren’t showing up on my computer. Maybe I don’t have the proper fonts loaded.

/slowly raises hand to nicked and bleeding ear


Oh, did it come off so snarky? My apologies, ultrafilter. Meant to be a humorous nudge.