Where can I find a program....

to convert MP3’s to .wav format? What are some of the brand names for such programs? How much memory would one take on my hard drive?

Not sure if you’re Windows or mac…but on the Mac side try SoundApp (I think it’s freeware or shareware)

PolderbitS is great for conveting .mp3 to .wav! $12. Play .mp3 in Media Player and record through the mixer setting in PolderbitS. A ~4 Mg .mp3 will convert to about a ~24 Mg .wav. To be internet polite, however, it is best to convert the .wav to an .asf using MS Author (~24 Mg .wav to 0.~4 Mg .asf) before e-mailing or use as a ftp streamer.

Forgot address — http://www.polderbits.com

Lizard, actually, there’s no need to buy software to do this. If you use Windoze, just use Winamp, its freeware and only takes up about 1 meg on the hard drive. Go to Preferences->Plugins->Output->Nullsoft Diskwriter Plugin to write audio CD compliant (44.1k, 16 bit) WAV files.

If Mac, go with beagledave’s suggestion.


SoundApp is indeed freeware, and available for download here.

When converting-

-MP3s into Wavs you need an Encoder program.
-Wavs into MP3s you need a Ripper program.

The best programs are always free!
Try- download and just input ripper or encoder.

Oh sorry… these programs are anywhere from 150K to 5MB.