Where can I find just the clip part of a money clip?

I’m looking to make my own billfold money clips. Many people have seen the type: Looks like a leather wallet on the outside, but open it up and there is a spring-type slim clip (almost resembles a bobby pin) in the center, which pinches the bills. I’m looking for JUST that little clip. I have no idea where to look. If anyone would have a link to somewhere online that provides such things, that would be great. I tried googling it but could only find ready-made money clips, not parts for them. I’m guessing those little spring-clips should be quite cheap.

Something like this?

You could try Rio Grande. I thought they had their catalog online, but apparently not; you can ask them to send you a print copy. I can’t recall if they’re wholesale only, but last time I ordered from them (admittedly, a while ago) there was no minimum order. Their stuff is VERY nice and their catalogs are gorgeous.

I see that Rings & Things has some; look like base metal, cheap but functional. I KNOW that they are wholesale only and will require your state seller’s permit number or equivalent.

Usual disclaimers, etc.

If these don’t work out for you, try adding the keywords “jewelry suppliers findings.”

Finding the clip part is easy. The trick is finding the money part.

No, what I’m looking for is quite different. Since I can’t find a good photo, I drew a picture.

The clip in the middle is long and thin, almost like an oversized, thicker bobby pin.
I just need that tiny clip, not the billfold part. The billfold I will be making myself.

I think she means this gold/brass part in the middle of a leather wallet:


Yeah! I just need that little clippy thing.


Scroll down a little ways. Who knew it was called a pump handle??

Some job shops specialize in short runs. Start with Googling spring manufacturers. Find someone local, and then decide how many pieces, what finish, yadda yadda. Good luck

Yes!! Thank you. No wonder I couldn’t find it with a vague name like that.

Thanks for all the other suggestions too! :slight_smile:

After 11.5 years I think she’s figured it out by now.

Yes, but way too late. Without something to hold it in place all of the money done blew away.