Where can I find this Balloon??

I’m really interested in finding those big round balloons…

Not the normal balloon shape, but those big round circle balloons. Like the shape of this smiley face… :slight_smile: Theyre maybe thicker than the regular latex balloons but basically made of the same material.

I dont know what theyre called and have had zero luck finding them.

Anyone on The Dope have any idea what i’m talking about?

It’s a latex balloon, not Mylar? About how many inches in diameter?

Would a punching balloon work for you? They are nearly perfectly spherical. I used to see them at Grateful Dead concerts used for nefarious purposes.

Try Edmund Scientific.

Sounds like the 30" fluted rounds carried by Party Depot.

Check out Qualatex Bubbles.

Is that a real thing? Sounds like something I’d see on The Jetsons if Philip K. Dick had written for the show.

Qualatex is a real company and they have something similar to what the OP wants.

I’ve never seen the bubbles in person but they are listed with other Qualatex balloons. I used Qualatex balloons when I was dabbling in twisting. It was my preferred brand of balloons.

Maybe the OP is looking for the sort of balloons made by Kaymont?