Where can I find this creepy waterphone sound effect?

As heard here, in the beginning of Joe Satriani’s “Circles.”

It’s a stock “creepy” sound effect, which we’ve previously determined to be made by an instrument called a Waterphone, and I’ve heard the very same clip used off and on in movies, music, and TV since at least the 80s. However, I can’t find a “clean” source of the clip in all my searching online, even from professional sound effect companies’ sites.

I’m actually doing a bit of video production work, and I’d be happy to actually BUY a legitimate copy of that clip to use as a sound effect, if possible. But I even know where to look. Can anyone help me out?

Well, you could check out Richard Waters’ website.

Specifically, you could visit his page where he has audio samples and see if you can find something you like and then talk to him about using a clip. He seems like a really nice guy; maybe he’d just let you use a clip if you credit him.

ETA: I’m at work and on my iPad right now, but it looks like the audio samples themselves may have been removed. You may need to email Mr. Waters or his daughter and ask them about the samples.

I found 10 clips on Freesound; the 2nd to last (Waterphone 3.wav) may work for you.


I’m home now and happy to report that the audio samples are still on Mr. Waters’ site.