Where Can I Find This?

Does anyone out there know where I can buy a few gallons of
ammonium sulfide? (Note to mods; I am not trying to build a
bomb, just trying to create super potent stink-bombs.)

You can buy it at http://www.sigma.com for $68.05 USD per 500 ml, or about $515 per gallon. It’s a 20% solution in water.

Those better be some good stink bombs at that price :slight_smile:


why can’t you use butyric acid to make your stink bomb ?

Sounds fine. Where can I get some?

Um, how about http://www.sigma.com … $20/liter, 99% pure.

No, I don’t work there :slight_smile:


Hi gorkamorka, welcome to the Straight Dope!

I wanted to let you know that in the future, you should make more descriptive subject lines. This way, more people who might have an interest in your question will see it, and you might get better answers (and cheaper prices for you stink bomb stuff!) Plus, people without interest will know to avoid it.

Oh. That’s much better.