Where can I get book-themed clothing?

For Christmas, I’m thinking of asking for some T-shirts that don’t suck. I would love to have a shirt with a picture of Stephen King (I know that’s not going to happen since he doesn’t license his image).

I’ve been looking around at cafepress.com and found some Watership Down shirts that are kinda cool, and some King shirts…is this all there is? Any place you know of I can look for this type of stuff?

I don’t know where you can get one (I’m a big help, ain’t I?), but I have a t-shirt with the Grouch Marx quote “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read”.

I always get comments when I wear it.


Ooh - I found one: http://shop.cafepress.com/design/11152128

I also found these:





I googled “literary t-shirts” and got the following:



Think Geek’s take on “to be or not to be”: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/itdepartment/57f0/


you can also make your own shirts at cafepress. Anything you can think of. If you have a modicum of photoshop talent, design your own perfect shirt. (I’ve made a few myself, and cafepress really doesn’t disappoint. High-quality, fast shipping, you’d never know they were “homemade”.)

Wow, Veuve, that last link of yours had me scrambling to see if I’d somehow missed a book! I have read those stories but was unaware of that collection. It’s a beautiful shirt, too.

Twicks, they have better King stuff at that zazzle site than any I’ve seen yet. I don’t do bumper stickers, but I’m cracking up at that “My boss is a gunslinger from Gilead.”

Shirley, gonzo, I’m pretty sure if I comb cafepress I’ll find something I want!

Signalscatalog has some good ones.

I have the one that says, “Quot libros, quam breve tempus!” (So many books, so little time) and the one that says, “As Soon as I Finish this Chapter”.

Also, the Wireless catalog.

Not exactly book related, but still literary:

“English doesn’t borrow from other languages. It follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and rummages through their pockets for loose grammar. -Unknown”

I have this T-shirt, but my google-fu is failing me right now. I’m sure it’s available online. I thought it was from one of the two places I linked below, but maybe they’re sold out of it.

Here’s one if you like cats: http://www.offworlddesigns.com/p-371-kitty-cat-library.aspx
Book-aholic: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/BKHOL-p-26722.html
Books Open the Universe: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/397217-BooksOpen-p-26806.html
Book Wyrm: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/Book-Wyrm-T-p-29024.html
Got Books? http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/GOTBKS-p-26723.html
Poe: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/Poe-Annabel-Lee-Shirt-p-29005.html
So Many Books, So Little Time: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/So-Many-Books-shirt-p-29426.html
Tome Reader: http://www.pegasuspublishing.com/Tome-Reader-Shirt-p-28890.html

I like this ornament with the quotation: “She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain.” Except the quote isn’t exactly right (it should be “turned” instead of “addled”) and that bugs me.

I tell you what, I’m having the best time looking at all this stuff! Thanks guys!

That was my first thought
Edward Gorey–Real Men Read!