Where can I get caffinated hot chocolate?

I need my caffeine in the mornings, but I can’t stand coffee, with or without sugar/cream/foam/cocoa/sand/sundry additives. What I would like is some caffinated hot chocolate mix. Has anyone seen any? Can I get it cheap, in individual serving packets or by the bucket?

Two simple ways are (a) chocolate usually has caffeine in it, and (b) you could make it with H2Joe or something like that (caffeinated water).

Well, if you’re willing to drink it by the bucket, just stick with ordinary hot chocolate. It has about 5% the caffeine content of coffee, so just drink 20 cups and you’re good to go. (And yes, you’ll definitely have to go, after drinking that much liquid.)

If you weren’t quite so anti-coffee, I’d suggest stirring a spoonful of instant coffee into your hot chocolate. I suppose you could try stirring in a ground-up No-Doz or Jet Alert or Vivarin, but I’m afraid that would taste worse than the coffee.

Thanks, but yeah, flavor is somewhat important here. :slight_smile:

I laughed so hard at this one that I almost p… whoops, nix that “almost”. Gotta go.


Make double-strength hot chocolate using Dutch cocoa powder, found in your grocery’s baking aisle. I guarantee you’ll get a buzz. Theobromine is also a stimulant, chemically close to caffeine.

Or just take one No-Doz with a regular hot chocolate mix.

Up to this point, have you just been tolerating coffee in the mornings, even though you can’t stand it? I am trying to gauge the size of your desired fix here.

In other words, to what have you been turning for your morning dose of caffeine?

Can’t stand the stuff. I can hardly bear to be in the same room as a cup of coffee from the aroma. If I were trapped on a lifeboat with a coffee lover who brought along his favorite brew, I fear I would resort to cannibalism on day two. :wink:

I have been getting my morning fix via Dr. Pepper, then Diet Dr. Pepper. Not nearly as much caffeine as coffee, but a bajillion times the crap. So I decided to quit the sodas.