Where can I get Half-Dollar Coins?

I had a bunch my father gave me when I was a kid, but over my lean years in college I picked away at them and now find myself with only three left. When I think about how many I had, and how much I associate them with my dad, it makes me sad to think that I frittered them away like that. So I want to get more. They won’t be the same ones, of course, but it’ll still be satisfying. Only problem is I have no idea where to get them. Can I just ask at the bank? Or will I need to “buy” them from a collector, or what?

Anyone see these coins regularly who can give me a heads up?

Tito’s Tacos, on the corner of Washington and Sepulveda. :smiley:

Seriously, Tito’s does use half-dollars as change; but it might be a bit far for you to go. If your bank doesn’t carry them, then they can probably “order” them for you. Buy many, and spend them! :wink:

The post office was selling rolls last year commemorating the Queen’s fiftieth anniversary on the throne, but they seem to have sunk into obscurity again. You can buy them at the Mint in Ottawa, or so I’ve heard.

<looks at location field> Oh. US 50-cent coins. Hmm. I’ve never seen one… I wonder whether they’re even rarer than Canadian ones…?

According to the U.S. Mint, half-dollars are still being produced every year, though in very small quantities (like 5 million, versus 2 billion quarters). You should be able to get them in a bank, though I suspect some banks don’t have any.

Whatever, you do, don’t buy them from a collector, unless you’re interested in actually collecting specific dates, specific mint marks, proof or uncirculated condition, and so on. No sense paying a premium for something you should be able to get at face value.

Thanks all!

Is there a casino in your neighborhood? Casinos always have them around–for one thing, to pay off odd dollar amount blackjack bets (a $5 bet would pay $7.50). So they also keep a few .50 slots around to help you get rid of them. They’d be happy to sell you a roll.

OMG! That was the very first thing that came to my mind when I read the subject of this thread. I grew up in West L.A. and have been eating at Tito’s for over 30 years, since they were in the original location half a block from where they are now.

If I could only have one more meal before I die, it would be Tito’s Tacos. They’ve given out those half-dollars for as long as I can remember.


Just ask at your bank.

That is the obvious answer, yeah. But fwiw, my credit union doesn’t handle coins – doesn’t accept them or give them out in rolls.

And stock up on $2 bills, too!

(Hmm… do 16-year-old clerks recognize these?)

Jsc1953: Ask at a different bank then.

I always seem to acquire them when at casinos. Try you local gambling facility.

Depends if you want: New ones can be gotten from the bank in rolls. You can often get a good buy on older ones on EBay.

Depends on what you’re looking for. Banks will have Kennedy halves. If you want Franklin or Liberty halves, you might try a bullion dealer. They often have people unloading silver coins for melt value.

By the way: $2 bills, with few exceptions, are worth exactly face value.