Where can I meet these fantastic babes who are "going back to school"?

If you’re a non-paying member who sees SDMB ads, you know what I’m talking about. Somewhere in this great country of ours, babes with unbelievably large breasts, in tight T-shirts and jogging shorts, are “qualifying for grants” and “going back to school”.

Does anyone know which school they’re going back to? I might want to hang out there.

It has to be better than hanging out with town mom and hearing about how she earns $7,700 a week and has a weird old tip for flattening her belly. That doesn’t float my boat.

Start selling tight T-shirts and jogging shorts. They’ll come to you.

I bet that lady the dermatologists hate has low self-esteem and would be an easy mark for you. Plastic surgeons hate her, too, I hear, despite her great car insurance rates.

Wait a second.

Guests get babes with unbelievably large breasts?

What the heck am I paying for then?

Believably large breasts. The ones you know aren’t implants.

And the dentists do NOT want her sharing her tooth-whitening tip.

I especially like the animated version, where the babes start jogging. It’s as hot as you can get and still be SFW.

I don’t get the ads.

Neither do I. I think I might turn off the blocker though, just out of curiosity; ya know?

Could someone send me information on these educational grants based on breast size? Thanks in advance.


Could someone please post a link to the animated jogging babes?

The School of Hard Knockers?

Can someone tell me what the weird old tip for flattening your belly is, so I don’t have to click on the ads? If it works, hopefully I’ll be hot enough to quality for one of those grants.

Eat less, exercise more. :smiley:

Well, we are probably talking about implants, so yes.