Where can I see the Buzz Aldrin video?

Yesterday on the way to work I heard that astronaut Buzz Aldrin punched a flat-Earther who was harrassing him. (Sorry, “trying to get an interview”.) Normally the news would broadcast such footage on the following morning’s news; but today being the 11th, the news only has live coverage of the 9/11 memorial. (It’s a good thing nothing else is happening today, else they wouldn’t be able to show it!)

Is this footage on the web yet?

www.abcnews.com has it. You will have to register to see it though. Also www.badastronomy .com has a lively form on the topic.

Ok, I feel better already. My MIL (not exactly my first source for accurate news) told me this version of the story- that someone had punched out Buzz Aldrin. I got really pissed. The guy is as old as the hills, and what wussy man hits a senior citizen?

But now, when the boxing glove is on the other foot, I think it’s hilarious. Not only is this flat-earther an undereducated idiot, he got his ass kicked by a 70-something!


Just a minor nitpick, but the loon in question isn’t a flat-earther, he’s an Apollo-hoaxer. AFAIK, he believes the Earth in round and orbits around the sun, but he doesn’t believe that mankind has ever walked on the moon.

But that’s just silly. We KNOW men went to the moon, because if they didn’t, how would we get all those photos of alien bases on the moon? Think, people! Some folks are just plain kooks.

Apparently, this guy has been pestering Buzz and Neil Armstrong, stalking them and trying to get them to admit in public that the moon landing was a hoax. Buzz finally got fed up and socked him. I don’t advocate violence, but…

Yay, Buzz!

Although a smack in the head isn’t usually much good for the persistently delusional.

So I get to work, and a mountain of programming falls into my lap. No time to see the video here! I got my Meaning of Life DVD yesterday, so I didn’t see “Battling Buzz” last night either.

Looking forward to it though.

Well, neither link is working for me. I don’t even see a link where it talks about registering at the abc site–maybe it’s at the real.com site it keeps trying to shuttle me to, but it keeps timing out on me. :mad:

Conveniently I have a subscription to Realplayer which I’ve been meaning to cancel ever since I got the free trial - but it’s $10/mo, and I use it once or twice a week, so maybe it is useful.

I just watched the clip. Buzz is leaving the hotel when the moon-hoaxer and his crew of cameramen start hounding him, calling him a cheat, a coward, and a liar. Buzz keeps trying to walk away, and the moon-hoaxer keeps getting in front of him, even after Buzz asks the hotel doorman to call the police.

Eventually, Buzz is cornered, the man keeps jabbing a Bible in his face, and Buzz pops him one. The man immediately starts asking his cameramen if they got it on tape – looks to me like he was deliberately trying to provoke the kind Mr Aldrin.

I can’t even find confirmation on the Real.com site that such as thing as “RealOne SuperPass” even exists, so thanks for the play-by-play, lno.

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The Bad Astronomer has this link to the movie at the LA Times. It worked for me without asking me to sign up for any kind of special “pass”.