Where can I still get Kazaalite or another good song downloader?

I just got a new computer and Im looking to get a good song downloader… is kazaalite still available? Does anyone recommend anything else? I downloaded soul-seek but it doesnt seem to have that great of a database amongst the users.



But more seriously, this thread will get locked. Discussions of filesharing programs are prohibited on the SDMB, because even though the programs may not be illegal themselves, the activities related to them usually are, and they just want to cover their bases. Don’t try to get around it, either, by asking what peoples’ favorite file-sharing programs are, either. That’ll get locked.

Downloading music for free is illegal, and we don’t discuss it here.

Lol, this thread’s gotten like 4 replies in 5 minutes.


lol three of them are yours, what’s your point?

Anyway, Kazaalite was shut down, much like this thread will be soon.

Good luck.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you? :wink:
Looks like one fell through the cracks.

You could always email someone to find out … not saying I’d know or anything, but y’know, email’s a good way to ask these kinds of questions.

The DSLreports.com forums have some good info on all things computer related, I’d look over there.