Where can I track local rainfall totals online, like they print in the local newspaper?

The newspaper in Eugene prints a rainfall summary every Sunday which tracks the local average and actual precipitation totals since the beginning of the month and year. IME this is fairly typical newspapers generally.

For various reasons I want to stop receiving the paper, but I don’t know anywhere else I can get this information. Is there anywhere I can get this information online?

I’ve tried www.weather.gov, operated by NOAA, but with light yellow text on a white background it’s close to useless.

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If you go to the weather channel website for your location and select monthly, they have an “almanac” column on the right hand side with some of that information.

For example: https://weather.com/weather/monthly/l/0b1d231bcc2e2ad1340fa2c988cafaa840c3e4717404c7d19afa8d938dd2aad4

weather.gov does have exactly what you want, though. Go to:
Select Eugene for your location and click Go.

Weather Underground has similar info.

I wanted to note that I tried this and the information that comes up is black text on a white background, since the OP mentioned a display issue. Hopefully this gets him around that.

There’s also browser extensions you can add that will change the contrast of a web page.

Although this link works initially, it seems to throw the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error when I try any other city and zipcode.

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What, you’re assuming that site has an intuitive interface? To switch to a different region:

  1. Click the ‘Climate Locations’ tab
  2. Click the ‘Other NWS Climate Pages’ link with the multi-colored US map in the lower right.
  3. Click on the region in the map that contains the city/zip you want a report for.
  4. Either hit back or go to step 1 because you didn’t select the right region in step 3.

Volunteers report their rain gauge volumes. “Real” weather services sometimes use these numbers.

I tried it in the Google app just now, instead of Samsung Internet, and now the this website looks fine, with dark blue or black characters on a white background.

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This is the site I use here on the Big Island. Over 126 inches so far this year.

[Bumped to ask a follow-on question about the cocorags.org website]

Since this thread was active, I’ve been using the cocorahs.org website consistently, and have noticed the rainfall amounts reported on the website are consistently higher than what’s reported in the local paper. For instance, in the Eugene area, the Register-Guard reports a precipitation total of just under 2.0" from 5/1 - 5/10/22; by contrast, cocorahs.org reports around 3.0" for the same period. (I say “about” because variances between different reporting stations in the area are common.)

The local TV news weather reports generally track closer to what cocorahs.org says.

For those who use cocorahs.org, has anyone noticed these discrepancies? And if so, are the reported amounts on cocorahs.org generally higher than what other local news sources say?