Good place for precipitation data?

Hi all.

I need a good place on the web for getting a graphic 2 D representation of rainfall data. I need to see how the rainfall is distributed over areas that range from parts of a county to multiple counties.

It would be nice if I could chose particular days or time periods as well.

The are of interest is south alabama.

Government weather data

The Weather Channel

Well, first of all, the US government typically only collects rainfall data for a few places per county, so unless you have some unique source for data, you’re not going to see how rainfall is distributed over a part of a county. You’ll likely have at most two stations in a given part of a county.
So I’m not sure how useful a pretty display is going to be (if you can say why you want this, someone might be more helpful).
You can get rainfall data from the Climate Data Office of NOAA Some data is free and some you might have to pay for; there are all kinds of options (often confusing and often the same data available from completly different paths), including monthly or daily rainfall.
I don’t know if there’s a website that will plot it in pretty maps for you.

Thanks guys, thats a start.

I need an idea of rainfall for the watersheds for smaller creeks and rivers, which DON"T have their own gauges.

I can probably live with rain gauge data. I was hoping that the 2D graphic data rainfall amounts they estimate from the weather radars might be stored and accessible somewhere.

Again, thanks for something to start with.

Look here.

Beneath the graph is a button that says “Archive Daily” (under the heading 1.Timeframe). Click this button to then pull up the observed rainfall for a particular date. You can also change your location under 3. to Alabama.

If you are wanting to use measured data from a rain gage, remember that measurements at a gage are only good at that gage; you don’t have to get very far away for the rainfall to be very different from what was measured at the gage. A study done here in Jackson in the 70’s showed that locations just a few miles apart ranged from 0 inches to 5 inches of rainfall during the same storm.

Me likey very much!

I figured something like that was out there! Last time I looked for that stuff, it either wasnt around or I couldnt quite find it.

Yeah, rain gage data aint that great, but if its in the right area, its gotta be better than the next big river with a seperate watershed over water level gage.

thanks again!

You’re very welcome. I like that site too, it’s come in very handy lately in a couple of court cases I’m working on.

One other caveat, if you’re looking for data on, say, June 5 be sure to look at the image for the 4th and the 6th as well, to make sure you don’t miss part of a storm.