Where can I works of Magritte?

I am interested in seeing the work of René Magritte on exhibit. A Google search turned up lots of entries, but none relevant or current. The #1 entry was the exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, but that was in 2000 (coincidentally I was there). I live in the DC area so the Smithsonian would be a good choice. Their web sites do not catalog everything on display; the Hirshhorn site mentions Magritte but it is not clear whether that is part of their permanent collection and always on display. I also found a similar reference to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art.

I would also consider travel to an interesting location, if I can’t find it in DC. Probably over the holidays when the kids are out of school.

Anyone had recent experience with this?

The Artcyclopedia has good listings of various works and where they are: Rene Magritte. It doesn’t list the Hirshhorn, just the National Gallery. If you follow the links, it looks like one is on display in “EB, Upr Lvl Gal 404C (West Brdg)”. (The other is a pencil drawing that probably does not go on display.)

Also, while they list the MoMA as having 7 pieces, I’m almost certain they don’t display more than one or two. (Although the website maintains that four are “on display”.)

I assume you found this site?

I don’t suppose getting to the San Antonio Art Museum by November 13th is an option.

Thanks for the link, I haven’t seen artcyclopedia before.

I’ll probably check out the National Gallery. I doubt I will get to San Antonio by Sunday.

The US museum with the largest number of Magritte paintings in their permanent collection is probably the Menil Collection in Houston, which has at least two dozen. Offhand, I suspect it may even be the largest concentration of his work normally on display anywhere in the world.

The biggest collection anywhere is - not entirely surprisingly - that of Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts in Brussels and that will form the core of their new Magritte Museum planned for 2007.