Where can we review the board rules?

You know, the rules that we skim lightly over when we join, and hear so much about in Pit threads about bannings and closings? Occasionally it happens that I’d like to post something but am not sure it’s OK to do so.

Well, they keep meaning to put the rules in the FAQ, but darn it all, real life keeps getting in the way. Anyhoo, just go to the main page and click on “Log Out” (the icon is located just underneath all the forum listings, on the right side of the page), then click on “Register” (don’t worry, this doesn’t count as creating a sockpuppet). It’ll show you a listing of the rules.

The membership agreement:

Speaking as someone who does not see a “log off” option on the main page, I say, “Bless you, bibliophage.”

KTN, it’s on the forum description page, right underneath all the forums on the right side (under the Moderator column). That’s assuming, of course, that you are logged in, which you have to be in order to post.