Forum Rules

Already I am lost - sorry - can someone tell me where I find forum rules?? Thanks

I think you’ve already found these:

Thank You very much Ice Wolf - I appreciate the help

The forum descriptions are listed on the main page, under the names of the individual forums.

The general Board rules (which apply to all forums, even the Pit) can be found be clicking the “Register” button at the top of the page (but don’t register again!). You may need to log out to do this. (Admins… is there any way to see the rules without pressing the “Register” button?)

Additionally, there are several other rules to keep in mind… one of the biggest is to refrain from direct insults in any forum aside from the Pit, and even there, personal insults (like making fun of someone’s family) is REALLY frowned upon.

Then there are the “suggestions”… one of which is “be prepared to back up whatever you say”. This holds true especially in GD, so if someone asks for a “cite”, either be ready to find a website, name a book and author (page numbers will help, too), or simply admit that you don’t have a cite. Nobody will hold it against you if your resources are slim.

Thanks to you Spoofe Bo Diddly. I will get the hang
of all this eventually I am sure. But I have only just
begun. Thanks to you all for your patience and help.

Personally, these rules should also be listed on a separate page for all SDMBers to review (without having to log out of your current screen name and log back in) Idea for the Admins to talk to the Techs about…a simple link at the top.

In addition, individual forums have sort of guidelines as to what is approporiate. There is way more lattitude allowed in the Pit, for instance, than in Comments on Cecil’s Columns, in terms of violations of good manners. The two Comments forums are expected to remain pretty much on target, and not to wander too far into the realms of other forums.

There’s also a rule about Lynn and chocolate.

If you behave like a civilized human being, and don’t be a jerk, you don’t have anything to worry about. There’s no death penalty for posting threads in the wrong forum, or for hijacking threads in Comments to ask about cookie recipes. :slight_smile:

Relax, enjoy yourself. Talk about what YOU wanna talk about, and don’t worry if it’s in the wrong forum. You’ll pick it up as you go along. The only time the mods get really annoyed is if somebody consistently refuses to get a clue, repeatedly cross-posting or opening threads in the wrong forums, even after they’ve had it explained to them. But I don’t think you need to worry. :slight_smile:

One big hint: If you’re annoyed at something a mod has done, like he’s locked your GQ thread for being in the wrong forum, best take it to private e-mail. Opening a Pit thread to complain about the administration, even though that’s what it says you can do in the Pit Forum rules, is an open invitation to get your butt kicked by various Pitizens with bad tempers spoiling for a weenie roast, with you as the weenie, obligingly jumping onto the grill.

The only thing I’d like to add is on a semi-technical note: the text will automatically word-wrap, so you don’t have to hit the “return” key unless you are making another paragraph (it’s just kinda hard to read with those line breaks in the middle of the sentence is why I’m bringing it up). That said, welcome to the SDMB and happy posting, Runadoc!

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Had they seen the Pit when they wrote this? :smiley: