Where can you smoke medical marijuana?

Now that I have your attention, let me add, I’m not asking what states in the US have legalized medical marijuana. I can Google for that info, thanks.

The local news this morning had the anchorman directly ask the medical correspondent the question. Seems he came home to someone toking outside on his street, and the anchorman questions why his street corner has suddenly become “party central”, and the guy says, “Medical marijuana” And the anchorman was left with a bad case of Had to Go Home & STFU. The medical correspondent had no info for him.

I’m not looking for legal advise, and the answer will of course depend on jurisdictions. But I want to hear about some regulations on the books, to deal with this situation, or remarkable lack thereof.

Generally, no one tells anyone else, that they can’t take other medicines at a certain time. When your prescribed dosage is due, you take it, even if you’re in public. Or do public intoxication laws apply, given this particular pharmaceutical’s side effects. Or can you just pin the prescription to your jacket, lean up against a lamp post, and toke away, presumably singing “Buffalo Soldja” (Flesh colored bouncy balls optional)

Aren’t a lot of drug laws in the US federally enacted and enforced? If so, it’s possible that you cannot legally smoke medical marijuana anywhere in the US, regardless of what the local state legislature claims.

This link is a few years old but this is where we are in Canada as far as I know:

Yeah, I’m aware that medical marijuana remains federally illegal, and that anything can happen to anyone involved from start to finish on the issue. So is that it, the final answer, to the anchorman’s problem or any similar situation? Call the cops, and have them take care of it? Presumably they will enforce other federal crimes, so, at the very least, they’ll order him to go home. And possibly arrest him for disorderly conduct if he resists a reasonable request? Or they arrest him, and the state and local prosecutor just declines to press it? And everyone goes back to the current status quo of tense confrontations, and back and forth irritating behavior? Until someone gives up?

These are all good questions, the answers to which I’d also like to hear.

Most of the medical marijuana laws were written with some specific places you can’t smoke. In my state, it’s around schools, in public parks and in prisons. But the law here is vague about whether you can smoke elsewhere in public. It has been speculated you could be charged with disorderly conduct or something similar if you were exposing other folks to it, but at least in my state medical users tend to use the same level of discretion as recreational users so it’s never come up.

There’s also a couple of special cases where the federal status comes into play. On public university campuses, they have to enforce a drug-free campus to keep their federal funding. Another big issue around here is that the Forest Service/BLM/National Park law enforcement people still can bust you if you’re medicating on federal land, which we have a lot of. Although again, I don’t think it’s ever actually come up.

In CA when I got my card.

Within 1000 feet of a school/rec facility you cannot
1000 feet of a fed building
in a car period
driving a boat, which i assume means on a boat is ok just as long as you are not driving.

None of the above applies if you are inside your own residence. Such as next door to a school would still be ok if you are in your home.

Also you cannot smoke where you cannot smoke anyway so any park pretty much, within X feet of most building doors. Things like that. I have done it in public and on walks all the time no problem

Interestingly, this would seem to permit you to smoke while driving your houseboat. :slight_smile:

Need answer fast?

My understanding is that the Obama Admin sent out a memo telling federal enforcers to slow their roll and let the states do their thing. Here we go:

Sure, it’s just a memo, but there ya go.

They ignored him, which is good IMO.


That’s not my understanding of the situation at all. Out here in Montana, we’ve had medical marijuana since 2004, but until the memo it was very small-scale and quasai-underground. Now the dispensaries are out in the open with storefronts and billboards and all that. The number of patients quadrupled during 2010. From what I understand, similar things have been happening in all the medical marijuana states since the risk of federal raids is gone.

Maybe you’re confused because the DEA is still cracking down on medical marijuana operations that are associated with illegal trafficking, but they’ve been leaving the ones that play by the rules alone.

What’s this?

Generally, in a houseboat, when you are driving you are in the ‘bridge’ (modest though it may be), rather than in the house part.

Or driving your car inside your own house.

Is there a medical marijuana preparation for patients who cannot smoke? My wife’s illness has damaged her lungs with fibrosis, so she cannot smoke weed, but I think it would help reduce her chronic pain, as well as stimulate her appetite and prevent weight loss.

When I was younger, we made pot brownies and “stony spaghetti” with pot leaves, but I can’t see cooking with today’s premium buds (now that’s abusing marijuana!).

Do dispensaries sell leaves for cooking?

In Washington state, it’s illegal to use medical marijuana in any place that is open to the view of the general public. Here’s a link to the law.

The place I go to has many types of cookies, pills, oils, butter, hot sauce, jello, cake, and many other yummy treats

And yes they do sell trash shake for cheap, 20 bucks for an eighth I think

Fear Itself - If you live in a medical marijuana state, you should look into that. A quick look at the wiki article mentions eating it, and using a vaporizer. So there may be a good option for your wife.

Oops, simulpost!

A quick google reveals New Hampshire is not a medical marijuana state, so we would have to go rogue. 'Live free or die" takes on a whole new meaning.

ETA - Looks like a very recent law changed that: