Where did all the Nintendo Wiis go?

My wife decided she wanted to give the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit a try, and tasked me with finding one. No problem, I says, and off I go to websites to find one. One hour later, and there are no Wiis to be found.

Is Nintendo still making them? What’s the story?

Where are you located? They are in the local walmart here. (75424)

We had a thread about this in the Game Room recently. My wild guess was that the Christmas season marketing of the Wii as a fitness toy carried through sales into the new year, what with the various resolutions to lose weight/get fit.

They are definitely still making the Wii.

I’m in southern Ontario, near Toronto. Anybody sees one, let me know.

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Have you checked all the Best Buy/Toys R Us/etcetera websites? How expensive would it be to buy it over the web from the States and have it shipped into Canada? Heck, have you checked Ebay?

There are a LOT of Wiis available in the USA.

Nintendo started slowing production a couple months ago. I guess they weren’t expecting the demand to go back up.

Hmmm, I’m going to be in Las Vegas next week. I wonder how much extra room there is in my luggage…

Did you try Loblaws? No one ever thinks to go to Loblaws.

You might want to try Rogers Video as well. That’s where I got mine two holiday buying season’s ago when they were the must have gift. Phew! The first store I went to didn’t have one, but they called another store which held it for me while I drove over to the dodgy part of town.

Don’t you guys have shops? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, somewhere like EB/Gamestop should have them, surely?

They’ve been sold out here in Illinois as well. Although it was only a week waiting period, not like before.

Trust me, I’ve checked all the usual suspects: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Future Shop, EB Games, The Source, Zellers, Sears, The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Blockbuster, etc.

And when I ask, they don’t know when they’re getting more.

There are thousands on ebay, many from very reputable sellers that I’m sure will ship to Canada or are in Canada for that matter. If you can’t find any elsewhere and you want one enough to check over a dozen different places, then ebay is the easy answer.

Sign up for wiialerts.com. They’ll text you when an online retailer has one available. I used it to get a couple of wiis online.

Well, I ended up finding one at HMV. Guess nothing beats pounding the pavement. Now I just have to find a Wii Fit Plus. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Completely untrue. They all sold out a few months ago because of this little holiday called X-Mas. I think it’s stupid that people just make up new holidays too, but what are you gonna do?

No, because every time they do they come back with a car full of cookies, dry soup packets, No-Name Brand cereals, etc. Never seen a Loblaws with electronics, though.


I don’t know how the USD converts to Canadian so I can’t tell if those are decent prices, but they are certainly available.