Where did Partition Magic Go?

What current product today has the functionality that Partition Magic had back in 2000?
I know the Power Quest people got bought out by Norton/Symantec and that the Drive Image product is supposedly replaced by Ghost now.
What do I have to buy from Norton/Symantec to get the functionality I used to get from Partition Magic?
Systemworks? Ghost Enterprise?
I looked on the web site but couldn’t figure it out.

Am I missing something? What about this?


An alternative to buying PartitionMagic is to download the system rescue cd from www.sysresccd.org

It contains a PartitionMagic clone called QtParted that does everything except move NTFS (it can resize NTFS though).

Depending on what you plan to do it may or may not suit your needs.

Of course always backup your data before messing with partitions. I’ve used QtParted many times without any problems but you never know.

I’ve used Partition Magic 8 (as linked by Darren) and it’s pretty much the exact same thing someone (uh, you :slight_smile: ) showed me many moons ago.

Except I don’t know if we didn’t have the full version back then or it only worked off a floppy but the PM8 I am using now works off the desktop WOOHOO!

So yeah, they still make it and it works the same.

do you have to start with a blank HD, or can one set up a partition in an existing disk to say run Linux without losing data?

$70 …??? forget it…

You can use an existing disk.

Doesn’t Ghost come with Partition Magic since you can’t use it otherwise on the same drive?

Not afilliated with these guys in any way, just very satisfied with their product that takes the place of Partition Magic and Ghost for much less cash: Boot It NG