where did the beans go?

oh man,i just saw a program just now.this guy in india swallow his fake teeth and was stucked on his stomach,he only notice about 2 years…this bring me an ugly flashback.i remember sucking a pea to my nose when im kindergarten…im scared it will end up stucking any veins in my brain…plz hepl me:smack:

Assuming this didn’t happen yesterday (which seems arguable), you’re fine. The pea would have decomposed years ago.

Go get an anatomy book-- your nose is connected to your throat. (That’s why-- TMI warning-- you can snort and swallow snot when you have a cold.)

If you’d inhaled a pea through your nose, one of two things would have happened. (a) It would have gotten lodged somewhere in your respiratory system, either nose or windpipe or lungs, and you would have had an infection. You and your parents would have noticed if that had happened. And it’s harder for that to happen if you swallow a non-food object like false teeth, because of the acids in your stomach, so it’s possible for a foreign object to stay in the stomach for a while unnoticed. (b) You snorted it all the way through and swallowed it, end of story.

Congratulations on your first post.

Also congrats on breaking “the most grammatical errors in the shortest post” record.

I counted twenty five…

Q.E.D. (which seems arguable) - indeed.

The semi-incoherency of your post would lead me to believe that that pea couldn’t do any more damage than there already is. :rolleyes:

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Of course, that was a crayon.

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Okay folks, lets not scare off the newbies. The factual question is what happens to a pea if you inhale it. Some here have even had the courtesy to answer it. If you have a problem with the question or the poster, this is not the place to deal with it.

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